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Lolibooru.Moe Traffic Analytics & Market Share

Lolibooru.Moe Traffic Analytics & Market Share

lolibooru.moe is a popular imageboard website with a large and engaged user base. In this article, we will be looking at how lolibooru.moe is using traffic analytics to improve its market share and understand its audience better. By understanding how users are interacting with the site and what content is resonating the most, lolibooru.moe can continue to improve its user experience and marketing efforts.

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Lolibooru.Moe Traffic Analytics

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Lolibooru.moe traffic analytics can provide insights into the popularity of certain content and help you target marketing efforts accordingly. The site is tracked by Alexa’s global traffic rank, which gives an overview of the site’s popularity. In addition, lolibooru.moe traffic stats are broken down by month and by country. This information can help you to see how your content is performing and where your target audience is located.

Overall, lolibooru has been seeing a steady increase in traffic over the past year or so. The Alexa global traffic rank for the site is currently at #156, which indicates that it is relatively popular among web users around the world.

The majority of visitors to lolibooru come from Japan (where the site has a rank of #1), followed by China (#2), and South Korea (#3). Interestingly enough, while the U.S ranks fairly low on the list with a rank of #14, lolibooru still sees a fair amount of traffic from American users – likely due to its large Japanese userbase.

Looking specifically at month-by-month data, it’s evident that summer months (June through August) are especially lucrative for LOLIBORU – as these are typically peak viewing times for anime and manga content. Conversely, winter months (January through March) tend to be slower times for LOLIBORU traffic as viewers tend to stick to more traditional online content options during these months.

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Lolibooru.Moe Market Share

lolibooru.moe Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb

Lolibooru.moe is a Japanese manga and anime forum website. According to traffic analytics provided by SimilarWeb, lolibooru.moe has a market share of 6.5% of all Japanese forum sites in 2018. This indicates that the site is one of the most popular forums in Japan.

Interestingly, lolibooru.moe’s market share is lower than that of two other major Japanese manga and anime forums: 2channel (11%) and NicoNicoDouga (12%). This suggests that although lolibooru.moe is popular, it does not have the same level of dominance as these two other forums.

What account for lolibooru.moe’s success? The site appears to cater to users who are interested in manga and anime, as evidenced by its high content relevance score (87%), which reflects how well the site aligns with user interests. Furthermore, lolibooru.moe appears to be well-optimized for search engine ranking, as its Alexa global traffic rank is #236 (by volume) and its Y Combinator ASMR growth blog post ranking #4 (by total views).

Overall, it seems thatlolibooru.moe draws a large number of devoted fans who are passionate about manga and anime culture.

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lolibooru.moe is a popular lolita imageboard with over 2,000,000 posts and 380,000 active users per day. This article will provide traffic analytics and market share data for lolibooru.moe so that you can see how it’s performing and what kind of audience it is targeting.


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