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Are Mallory and Sal Still Together: Did They Actually Get Married?

Love Is Blind, a reality romance show on Netflix is keeping us guessing in its second season, and so is the relationship between Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez.

The couple had an instant and deep connection, but things went downhill a bit when they met outside the pods and Sal realized that Mallory’s connection with Jarrette might not be completely over, as he had thought.

Throughout the season, the couple kept us guessing about how their relationship was going. All you need to know about Mallory and Sal is in this article.
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(Can Mal and Sal be their names?
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Major spoilers for Love Is Blind season two are coming up, including whether or not the couple got married at the end of the season.

Are Mallory and Sal Still Together?

Some people thought that the fact that Mallory and Sal still follow each other on Instagram was a good sign that they were still together unless there had been a quick and friendly breakup.

But in the March 4 episode about getting back together, it was clear that these two were no longer together. After the wedding, Mallory said they went out for coffee, but “the connection wasn’t really there,” she said. “There was no reason to keep going.”


Even though it seems like things are mostly fine, Sal did explain why he didn’t show up to their wedding: He said that during their fights, there were “many” times when he didn’t feel like he was “heard.”

Did They Actually Get Married?

Now things start to get interesting: In the last episode, which aired on February 25, Mallory and Sal did not get married.

are mallory and sal still together
are mallory and sal still together

Sal was the one who called off the wedding in the end. During the wedding ceremony, he told everyone how much he cares about Mallory. Then, he said, “I cannot. I feel like I just need more time.
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Sal then said sorry to Mallory’s family as a sign of respect and said again that he just needed more time.


Mal and Sal talked after everyone had left the ceremony, and they left the door (slightly) open for more to come.

From what they said during the episode, it seemed like there might be a chance for a real relationship with dates, but it also seemed like they might decide to break up for good.

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