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Are Mari and Kenny Still Together and What Happen Between Them?

Love is always in the warm, tropical air in “Bachelor in Paradise.” “Bachelor in Paradise” is a very popular reality show, and it’s easy to see why.

The contestants get to experience the highs and lows of dating in a beautiful coastal resort, so it’s not surprising that fans love it so much. Its seventh season has about 40 contestants, setting the stage for intense romances and heartbreaking breakups.

In season 7, fans cared a lot about the beautiful Latina Mariela Pepin-Solis and the Chicago native Kenny Braasch, who often went shirtless.

There were jealous outbursts and big romantic gestures in Mari and Kenny’s relationship, just like in a movie.

No one is surprised that everyone wants to know if their relationship lasted outside of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Did they decide to get married? Or did they go in different directions? Let’s find out!

Do Kenny and Mari Still Have a Relationship?

Kenny asked Mari to marry him at the end of season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, and she said yes. This also means that Kenny and Mari are one of the three couples who got engaged in the finale. Click here to find out who else got married on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. After Bachelor in Paradise, are Kenny and Mari still together?

Kenny also commented on his lady love’s post, telling her to “hurry back” to him, and posted similar photos from their photo shoot to his Instagram account. But in his Instagram post, he called Mari his “new roommate,” which suggested that the two were living together.

are mari and kenny still together
are mari and kenny still together

On Season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch fell in love and got engaged. Since then, they have moved in together in Chicago and have been using social media to keep fans up to date on their lives.

After Demi got there, Kenny and Mari made out and slept together in the Boom Boom Room, which led to a love triangle between them and Mari. Mari broke up with Kenny when she found out that he and Demi had slept together in the Boom Boom Room. Kenny kept dating Demi.


Mari and Kenny Continue to Take Their Relationship to New Levels

Mari and Kenny have been open about their relationship since they told everyone about it. For example, they have spent several holidays together.

In November 2021, the two fell in love and spent their first Thanksgiving together with Mari’s family in Puerto Rico, where she grew up. They posted lots of cute pictures of their trip on Instagram.

Both went to Chicago to spend Christmas with Kenny’s family. They posted pictures of their holiday fun on Instagram.

They went to Frosty’s Christmas Pop-Up, which looks like a lot of fun, and posed for a picture with Santa Claus in matching green button-up shirts.

The couple announced that they had signed their first lease together in Chicago on Instagram Stories: “[Mari] and I have signed the lease on a new apartment here in Chicago,” Kenny wrote before Mari shared it on her own story and added, “I can’t wait to keep annoying you, scaring you, and loving you every day, boo!”

Since then, Mari and Kenny have been together for a year and have talked openly about getting married.

Mari said on the Talking it Out podcast, hosted by Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo in April 2022, that she and Kenny haven’t set a date for their wedding yet, but they are all for it happening in Puerto Rico.

In July 2022, the couple played a big joke on their fans. On July 25, Mari and Kenny posted a strip of black-and-white photos on Instagram that looked a lot like sonogram pictures to say they were having a baby.

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“Our little family is now bigger by four legs and a wiggly little tail,” the couple said. “We filled out a lot of adoption applications and pre-named every puppy we applied for just in case we got to be their new parents.” “Everyone, meet Eleven, our new child! (IYKYK, but we haven’t decided on his name yet, so give us your ideas!)

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