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Where Is Anthony Strangis Now? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Sarma Melngailis’ Ex-Husband

You must have accomplished something significant if a documentary about you is airing on one of the world’s largest streaming services. People are familiar with Anthony Srangis’s story, as the case made national news due to the perpetrators’ misdeeds.

Anthony decided to avoid the spotlight while his ex-wife consented to feature in the Netflix documentary Bad Vegan. So, what transpired with the con man, and where is he now?

Biography of Anthony Strangis?

Born in 1980, Anthony Strangis will be 42 years old in 2022.
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He is notorious for being a con artist, criminal, gambler, and Sarma Melngailis’ ex-husband. Unfortunately, little is known about Anthony Strangis’s past. Strangis was born in Massachusetts and raised in Sarasota, according to several media. Here, he was surrounded by those engaged in illicit activity.

Since Anthony Strangis’s actions thrust him into the public eye, few of his family members have given interviews or provided any information about his life. A source discovered that his father, John J. Strangis Sr., worked for the Brockton Police Department for almost 25 years. In 1989, Strangis’s father retired from the police force.

Anthony Strangis’s Profession

Due to his numerous convictions throughout the years, Anthony’s past demonstrates that he is a professional con artist. Before meeting Melngailis, Anthony was charged with a variety of fraudulent crimes in Florida, including impersonating a police officer and stealing a sports automobile (which led to a grand theft charge).

where is anthony strangis now

It appears that Strangis was addicted to gambling. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Patricia Strangis, Anthony’s mother, said that he had an interest in gambling at the age of three.
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Strangis employed multiple names to defraud individuals of their hard-earned cash.
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His first ex-wife, Stacey Avery, alleged that when she was pregnant, Anthony would pawn her jewelry and electronic devices.

She also said that Strangis told her that he was being pursued by demons, which is an intriguing detail. She should periodically transfer a specified quantity of money to a particular source.

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Where Is Strangis Now?

Although little is known about his current location, it is known that he has been released from prison and is currently serving the remainder of his probation as a private citizen. Strangis, according to his attorney Karliner, has a new employment, uses his name, and has progressed.

How Did Anthony Meet Melngailis?

Anthony and Sarma began communicating via Twitter in 2011, and they met in November of that year. Sarma, who was already renowned for her exceptional cooking abilities and commercial acumen, worked in various restaurants and authored numerous cookbooks.

She co-founded Pure Food and Wine with chef Matthew Kenney in 2004. The firm was initially successful because it attracted celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Rooney Mara. It had a yearly income of approximately $7 million. Kenney, Sarma’s business partner, departed the company after selling his interests to Sarma.

Anthony Meet Melngailis

Anthony assured Sarma at the beginning of their relationship that he would assist her business to become self-sufficient and free of problematic investors, but he never invested any money. In 2012, after knowing each other for some time, they finally wed.

Strangis then began his game by informing his wife that they were being pursued by an unknown group. Next, he demanded Sarma’s credentials, including his phone number, email address, and bank account information, and refused to accept no for an answer.

According to Anthony Strangis, the funds were intended for a series of cosmic endurance tests with substantial awards. Sarma gave him almost $1,200,000.

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What Were Anthony Strangis and Sarma Accused Of?

In July 2015, Sarma’s business collapsed, and the couple fled. They were apprehended on May 10, 2016, forty days after hiding in a Tennessee hotel. They were apprehended after Strangis used his identity to get a pizza from Dominoes.

The two were accused of taking $844,400 from investors, failing to pay $400,000 in taxes and shortchanging employees $40,000 in wages, as well as purchasing luxury things.

What Happened to Anthony Strangis?

The case of Anthony and Sarma was heard in court. Sarma pled guilty and was sentenced to four months on Rikers Island, whereas Anthony was sentenced to one year in prison and five years of probation. His sentence expires in 2022.

Anthony Strangis?

Anthony’s bond was set at $350,000, and because he was unable to pay it, he had to remain in jail for a year before his trial began. And by the time he was sentenced, he had already served most of his prison term.

How Did Anthony Spend His Money?

According to court filings, between January 2014 and January 2015, Sarm transferred more than $1.6 million from her business account to her personal bank account. And all the money was available for Anthony to spend, which he did through gambling. A charge issued in May 2016 states:

The indictment stated that Strangis spent nearly $1 million at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, more than $200,000 at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino in Connecticut, more than $80,000 at specialty watch retailers, including Rolex and Beyer, more than $70,000 at hotels in Europe and New York, and more than $10,000 on Uber car rides. In addition, he apparently withdrew tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

Is Anthony Still Together with Sarma?

In 2018, Anthony Strangis and Sarma separated and are no longer in communication. It appears from the conclusion of the documentary Bad Vegan that she is still in contact with Strangis. She denies any connection and asserts that the phone records heard are from a far earlier time period.

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