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The Horrifying Real Life Story of ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez, Who Killed Thirteen People in 1985!

In Southern California in the spring and summer of 1985, at least 13 people were killed and others were raped. Most of the trouble happened before dawn. Someone would break into someone’s home. He might kill the first person he sees. He might do it in the house. He would go through the house and take everything. “Night Stalker” was a name for him.

In Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, a new documentary on Netflix, the events of 1985 and the police search for the killer, who was later found to be Richard Ramirez, are told.

Ramirez has become well-known in recent years because he played a character in AHS: 1984. The new Netflix documentary, on the other hand, shows how real, scary, and traumatic Ramirez was for people in Southern California during the summer he terrorized them and for many years afterward.

In 1989, Ramirez was sentenced to death after being found guilty of 13 murders, five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries. He told the courtroom, “I am beyond good and evil. I’ll get my revenge. Lucifer dwells in us all. “That’s all. At the time, he was 29.

Here’s what you need to know about Ramirez and what he did wrong.

Who Was Richard Ramirez?

Who is The Night Stalker Based On

Ricardo Leyva Muoz Ramirez was born in El Paso, Texas, in 1960. His parents were Mexican immigrants. His father worked on a Railroad and his mother worked in a Boot Factory.

Interviews and court testimony say that when Ramirez was a boy, he started having seizures and would spend the nights in cemeteries. When Ramirez was 13, he saw his cousin kill his wife with a gun. Before, his cousin had shown Ramirez pictures of women he said he had killed and raped in Vietnam. Around this time, Ramirez first broke into homes.

He moved to Los Angeles when he was 15 and became addicted to cocaine. He had dropped out of high school and moved there. Ramirez kept breaking into homes in the area. When he was 25, he killed someone for the first time.

Richard Ramirez, a man suspected of being a night stalker, stands in court as he is charged with 14 counts of murder and 31 other felonies. He pleaded innocent to the charges.

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The Murders Started in June 1984

Who is The Night Stalker Based On

Ramirez killed Jennie Vincow, who was 79 years old, on June 28. He stabbed her several times and then cut her throat.

Ramirez stayed out of trouble until the next year. Then there was a string of attacks. Between March and August of 1985, Ramirez broke into homes all over Los Angeles County and killed, raped, and cut up at least 13 people. He used guns, knives, hammers, and other things as weapons. His victims were as young as 6 and as old as 83. Some of the victims said that Ramirez forced them to say they loved Satan.

Ramirez escaped capture for months until August 1985.

The Capture and Conviction of Rameriz

Who is The Night Stalker Based On

Ramirez went to Mission Viejo on August 24, 1985, broke into the home of Bill Carns and Inez Erickson, shot Bill Carns, raped Inez Erickson, and then left. Erickson, on the other hand, saw Ramirez leave in an orange Toyota station waggon. He told the police what Ramirez looked like and what the car looked like.

Soon, the police found the car, took Ramirez’s fingerprints, checked them against his criminal record, and then showed the public a picture of him. When Ramirez tried to steal another car, he was caught, and a group of people beat him with an iron. He was taken into custody soon after.

During the trial, Ramirez acted like Satan. Eight witnesses said that he was the person who hurt them and put him at the crime scene. Ramirez was found guilty of all charges in September 1989. In November, he was given a sentence in California to die in a gas chamber.

Suspect Richard Ramirez is accused of being the serial killer in the Los Angeles area known as “The Night Stalker.” Here, he watches as prosecutors make their opening statements in court. During their opening statements, the trial is expected to last two years. prosecutors said they would ask for the death penalty Ramirez is accused of killing 13 people.

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The Death of Richard Ramirez

Who is The Night Stalker Based On

Ramirez died in California on June 7, 2013, while he was waiting to be put to death. It was found that the person died of natural causes. Ramirez was 53. He had been waiting to die for more than 20 years.

You can watch Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer exclusively on Netflix.

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