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The Anonymous Gamer ‘Dream’ Reveals His Face After Years of Streaming?

On October 2, the anonymous gaming streamer Dream finally revealed his identity after wearing a smiley-face mask for nearly three years. The YouTuber teased his more than 30 million fans with a message on his Community Tab on September 19 that read, “My next upload will be my face revealing… Quite anxious but also extremely enthusiastic about the future! I cannot wait to see you in person.”

Sunday, he published a YouTube video titled “hello, I’m Dream.” In it, he drew out the revelation by cutting his face out of the frame, standing behind a green screen, and covering his face with a mask until he removed it and first addressed his supporters.

“My name is Clay, and you may or may not have heard of me,” he stated in the video. “Perhaps you clicked on this video out of pure curiosity and have no interest in who I am.”

On Sunday, the hashtag #DreamFaceReveal topped the hot topics list on Twitter in the United States after receiving over 1.1 million views in less than an hour. The tweet with his first self-portrait received over 800,000 likes.

While the majority of his supporters were pleased to finally see him, some seized the opportunity to comment negatively on his looks, causing “He’s Ugly” and “#PutTheMaskBackOn” to trend alongside a more neutral hashtag following his post.

Although it may seem insignificant to many outside the YouTube gaming scene, Dream’s announcement highlights a dedicated fanbase and the dangers of altering a successful online formula.

Who Is Dream, and What Does He Do?

Dream, a 23-year-old streamer, has had an online presence since 2014 but is best known for co-creating the Dream SMP (“survival multi-player”) server on Minecraft with his friend GeorgeNotFoo.

According to the WikiFan Page, the invite-only server began in April 2020 and is popular for its “largely improvised plot and vast history of alliances, wars, factions, eras, and characters.” His YouTube channel, where he posts Minecraft-related videos, is three years old and has over 30 million subscribers.

He also streams with a group of non-anonymous buddies, including Tubbo, who has over three million YouTube subscribers and close to five million on Twitter, and TommyInnIt, who has over 11 million YouTube subscribers.

dreams face reveal

Dream’s secrecy has been one of the most enticing features of his online presence, and this interest, combined with his charismatic demeanor, has helped him establish a devoted fan base across social media platforms.

The dream has not been immune to the controversies and criticism that frequently accompany a large fan base; the band has not been able to avoid controversy and criticism.

Previously, he was accused of cheating during gameplay by utilizing game modifications during Minecraft speedrunner, but he stated that his use of so-called “mods” was unintentional and that he was unaware that they were active during the game.

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Why Has He Been Anonymous, and What Made Him Reveal His Identity Now?

In a 2021 interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla (formerly of the YouTube duo Smosh), Dream stated, “I became a member of fan art and the community so early after my meteoric rise to fame. It was not a deliberate decision; it was really an accident.”

He claimed in the interview that he never intended to be anonymous, but his popularity exploded and it became an integral part of his image.

Even some of the people with whom he frequently streams had never seen his face till he exposed it. Because they have been friends for a long time and he wanted to unveil his face to his close friend, he promised a face reveal when the UK-based streamer George NotFound relocates to Florida.

He seems to believe it was time to introduce himself to more than just George. George tweeted on September 18 that he had his visa, and the next day, Dream stated that a face reveal was forthcoming.

In his video, Dream stated, “My objective was to simply begin doing things; to get out, meet creators, finally say hello to my pals, and to simply get out into the world, become an actual maker and a human.”

How the Internet Responded to Dream’s Face Reveal

Dream‘s obscurity allowed his fans to speculate about his appearance, and many of them were “excited” about the face reveal. One fan stated to BuzzFeed News, “It would be amazing to finally put a face with his voice.” Another remarked, “I’m worried he’ll receive negative signals if he doesn’t look the way they expect him to appear.”

The only messages he received were awful ones. As soon as #DreamFaceReveal began to trend, #PutTheMaskBack and “He’s Ugly” also began to trend. People also made fun of his looks. In response, there was an outpouring of support, with many fans deeming the critics’ assertions to be unfounded and cruel.

One reader posted, “HE LOOKS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN I EXPECTED HIM TO.” “BUT BROS ARE SO ADORABLE WTF.” Joey Graceffa, a YouTuber, joined in by tweeting “Dream is adorable” with two eye emojis.

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What Does This Mean for Other Anonymous Creators?

Not only Dream is an anonymous streamer (or the only one to reveal their face following a period of anonymity). Corpse Husband is one of the other most popular creators in the gaming world. Since his admirers have never seen his face, his deep voice is one of his most recognized aspects of him.

It remains to be seen how this change will affect Dream’s material (though he has stated that he will continue to wear a mask throughout his streams), but it seems likely that it will serve to advance his career. He now has more opportunity to be a creator in every sense, without having to worry about his identity being accidentally revealed.

As someone who rose to prominence during the pandemic, he now has the opportunity to meet his admirers in person and interact with them as he did on the Internet.

Other anonymous producers have garnered passionate fanbases outside of the gaming industry, including YouTuber tea drama channels like SpillSesh and the popular celebrity blind item Instagram feed DeuxMoi.

The latter also revealed their identities (unwillingly, as they were uncovered by Internet culture journalist Brian Feldman using publicly available information). For Dream, only time will tell if putting a face to the inventor balances the attraction of mystery he has up to this point nurtured.

Professional Career

Dreamwastaken began his career in 2014 when he uploaded a video named “1000 subs.” He formerly went by the name DreamTraps, but he now prefers to be called Dream. Clay gained stardom after uploading a Minecraft-related video to PewDiePie.

dreams face reveal

In 2019, Dream began sharing Minecraft playthroughs and broadcasts regularly. In a relatively brief period of time, he attracted a large number of supporters. Clay’s YouTube channel even features numerous series segments in which he plays Minecraft.

Dreamruined Net Worth

As of 2022, the net worth of Dreamwastaken is $5 million. Considering his YouTube channel has millions of viewers, Dream’s net worth is likely also in the millions. This popular gamer’s primary source of income is YouTube revenue, to which he constantly uploads content.

In addition, he earns money through commercials and endorsements of other products. However, another amazing source of his income is the sale of products. Due to his successful goods, the popular YouTuber has been able to maintain his wealth.

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