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Are Marvin and Melinda Still Together and What Happen Between Them?

There seems to be a show about dating scenarios for every imaginable taste on reality TV these days. Whenever it comes to romantic relationships, it seems like there’s no TV programme premise Netflix won’t test out on their streaming service.

The participants on “Love Is Blind” fall in love without ever meeting each other before becoming engaged. Or maybe there’s a show like “Love On The Spectrum,” where folks on the spectrum talk about their dating lives. “Too Hot to Handle” is one of Netflix’s crazier dating shows since it reverses the norms of the hookup scene.

In “Too Hot To Handle,” a group of attractive influencers are put in situations where they must fall in love with the other person’s character rather than their physical attractiveness. Couples on the show are not allowed to engage in any romantic behaviour, not even kissing.

Without the security of physical touch, the contestants must rely on other forms of attraction and on their own personal growth to feel successful. Plus, like any good game show, there’s a monetary award at the end, which gets less as players break the intimacy rules.

After the first two seasons of “Too Hot to Handle” were critically acclaimed, Netflix has recently launched the third.

Since the show’s inception, we’ve witnessed a handful of the candidates find true love on the show and go on to have happy long-lasting relationships.


Marvin Anthony and Melinda Melrose, who worked as a modelling combination in Season 2, were a fan favourite. Fans have been curious as to whether or not they were successful in their relationship since they departed the programme as a pair.

After Too Hot To Handle, Marvin and Melinda split up.

During Season 2 of “Too Hot to Handle,” Marvin Anthony won $55,000 for the emotional growth he showed in his relationship with Melinda Melrose.

There were ups and downs in their relationship, and normal problems like jealousy came up in the middle. But their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, and when they left the show, they seemed to have a really strong relationship.

are marvin and melinda still together
are Marvin and Melinda still together

Fans hoped that Anthony and Melrose would stay together, but after their quick romance in Turks and Caicos, they are no longer a couple. Anthony lives in Paris and Melrose lives in New York City, so when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, it was hard for them to get together.

Melrose said during the Season 2 reunion episode that they had planned to go to Mexico together. But they started fighting, and Anthony had to cancel his flight at the last minute. That was the last straw for them as a couple (via Newsweek).

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Melrose moved on with her “Too Hot to Handle” co-star Peter Vigilante. In July, they posted a steamy Instagram photo that made it look like they were dating. But it’s not clear if they’re still together because they haven’t posted a picture of themselves together in a while. On the other hand, Anthony’s Instagram page shows that he is currently single. Maybe he’ll try dating shows on reality TV again.

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