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What is the Reason Behind Kendall and Devin’s Break Up?

Everything seems to be going well between them right now, but they went through a rough patch in the summer of 2022. On June 18, 2022, Kendall posted a photo to her Instagram Stories of her and her friend, model Fai Khadra, eating dinner together. The next day, Kendall and Fai were seen on a beach trip together in Malibu, which the Daily Mail saw in photos.

Even though it looked like she had a good time with her longtime friend over the weekend, fans were worried because she hadn’t posted anything with Devin in a while.

Not only that, but fans started to worry about trouble in paradise when the two didn’t celebrate their second anniversary of dating on June 12, 2022, even though they had done so the year before in a very public way.

The date came and went, and there were no Instagram posts or messages about it.
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The year before, they showed how much they loved each other by posting pictures of themselves together.
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_Kendall Jenner still with Devin Booker
_Kendall Jenner still with Devin Booker

Kendall posted a photo of herself smiling and hugging the Phoenix Suns player from behind while he leaned in between her legs as she sat on a kitchen counter. She also sent a picture of herself sitting on the Phoenix Suns player’s lap on a private plane.

Devin posted a series of photos with the caption “365.52.1,” which meant that it was their first anniversary.
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He showed a picture of them swimming together in Utah’s Lake Powell. He also showed a picture of a sunset with a romantic dinner table and wrote, “I [heart emoji] @kendalljenner” on it.


Fans also noticed that the NBA player had either deleted or archived a New Year’s Eve photo of himself and Kendall smiling and hugging each other tightly. Kendall had also posted it as part of a series of photos showing how she rang in 2022. She just wrote “My weekend” next to each photo.

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