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Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now: How Wealthy Is This Celebrity? Luxury Lifestyle!

Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now?

It’s been a while since the college soccer player was seen, as she’s been hiding in the shadows since receiving a ban following the incident. She has been barred from all team activities indefinitely since the incident, and the most recent post she made on Facebook was on November 18th, 2009.

On November 5, 2009, the player was involved in several unsportsmanlike acts during a Mountain West Conference playoff game against Brigham Young University.

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Her divisiveness stemmed from her pulling another player down by her ponytail and elbowing him. Despite the numerous terrible incidents on the field, her actions only drew a yellow card.

Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now

After video of her heinous antics surfaced, she received numerous disciplinary punishments, making her one of America’s most infamous athletes.

Elizabeth Lambert’s current location is unknown, and she has yet to speak publicly about her husband and married life.

What Happened to Elizabeth Lambert?

Elizabeth Lambert is a former member of the New Mexico women’s soccer team and a soccer player from the United States.

She was suspended indefinitely after acting like a deranged guy in a game with Brigham Young University, where she was spotted kicking, striking, and even pulling her opponent’s ponytail, and the virality of her video harmed her soccer career.

What Did Elizabeth Lambert Do?

Top seeds BYU faced fourth-seeded New Mexico in the NCCA women’s soccer tournament. Because of the violence and rough play on the field, the game turned into a national tragedy.

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Elizabeth Lambert’s viral video from 2009 showed the New Mexico junior kicking, tackling, pushing, and punching her BYU opponent. She was even seen dragging one of the players, Kassidy Shumway, down to the field by her ponytail.

The video, which received over two million views in just three days, elucidated Elizabeth Lambert’s bravado.

She was given a yellow card in the 76th minute for tripping a player. Her other actions were ignored, so the number of cynical fouls she committed in the game is simply abysmal.

Elizabeth Lambert’s Apology After the Violent Incident Didn’t Help Her Regain Respect Among Fans

After this historic event became a national concern, Elizabeth wasted no time apologizing in front of the entire world. She did apologize, but what she did in that video was seen by all six million viewers.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and accept any punishment felt necessary,” she said in an interview with the New York Times. I am a female, and it put me at ease more than if it had been done by a male. It’s more common for men to go out and be rough. “Oh, we kick the ball around and score a goal,” they still think.

“But it isn’t.” We work extremely hard in order to reach the highest level possible. The physical aspect may have gotten better over time. I’m not saying it’s for the worse or that it’s too aggressive. It’s just a game. Sport is a physical activity.”

Where is Elizabeth Lambert Now

Did Elizabeth Have Any Scandals in Her Private or Professional Life?

Again, because not much information about the soccer player has been released today, we don’t know what she does for a living or much about her personal life. This means she may or may not still be the same feisty character she was back in 2009 when the event for which she was banned occurred.

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Perhaps she’s since calmed down, matured, and isn’t getting into trouble at work or with personal matters. However, one can only speculate because she appears to be hiding out.

Lambert hasn’t been active on Facebook, where she’s gained a lot of attention as a result of the game. The last action seen on her account page was on November 18th, 2009.

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