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Are Jarette and Iyanna Still Together, and What Happened Between Them?

On Love Is Blind season 2, Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely struggle to marry (opens in new tab). Even getting engaged isn’t easy. Jarrette also likes Mallory Zapata. In confessionals, he says, “My choice varies daily.” “Iyanna now. Mallory yesterday. Hard.”

After asking Mallory about her thoughts, she says she was “more pulled to” someone else. Jarrette still imagines “what marriage would be like” with Iyanna, even if the pseudo-breakup makes him cry. She accepts. In Mexico, she says she’s afraid of being second best but feels “very comfortable” and “protected” by him. They bond after vacation.

They’re also distinct individuals. Jarrette maintains friendly with his exes, including having a long conversation with Mallory at a party in Mexico.
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Iyanna doesn’t. Jarrette goes out Tuesday evenings, while Iyanna is more introverted. Do they stay together despite everything?

Are Jarrette and Iyanna Still Together From Season 2 of Love is Blind?

Is Jarrette Jones still with Iyanna McNeely from Love Is Blind season 2? No. On Love Is Blind season 2, Jarrette, a 32-year-old project manager, and Iyanna, a 27-year-old program coordinator, met in The Pods, became engaged, and married in the finale. Is Jarrette still with Iyanna from Love Is Blind season 2? Maybe. Jarrette follows Iyanna on Instagram.

Are Jarette and Iyana still together
Are Jarette and Iyana still together

Jarrette and Iyanna bonded over humor and children in episode 1. Did you want? Do you want half a starting lineup? Jarrette joked. I want many children. Iyanna stated, “Being an only kid was lonely, so I didn’t have one.”

Iyanna told Jarrette that her biological mother nurtured her until she was 9, then her cousin took her in until she was 18, when she was kicked out and adopted by her godparents at 22.


I faced several obstacles. Iyanna said, “I shouldn’t be this OK.” Jarrette also dated Mallory, a 32-year-old communications manager. Mallory rejected Jarrette’s proposal in episode 3 because she preferred Sal, a 31-year-old executive assistant. I’ve connected with you from the start. “I could chat to you about everything because we have so much in common,” she remarked.
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It’s fun and we laugh a lot. I enjoy our conversations. “You’re such a beautiful person, but there’s always really been two individuals I’ve felt very passionately for and I feel my other connection I’m just drawn more to that.”

Jarrette proposed to Iyanna after Mallory’s rejection, but she was wary of him due to his history with Mallory. “I can’t help but assume if Mallory had said yes, you would have proposed to her. I don’t know.

Are Jarette and Iyana still together
Are Jarette and Iyana still together

Iyanna said, “I deserve someone who’s sure about me.” Mallory’s rejection provided Jarrette with the “confirmation” he needed to commit to Iyanna. Jarrette proposed to Iyanna, who accepted, and they got engaged and met outside The Pods. However, at the retreat, Mallory and Jarrette met for the first time and connected over their common interests.

Mallory informed Jarrette how Sal and he were different. “I’m such a guy’s girl,” Mallory stated, to which Jarrette replied, “Hence why the fuck we connected.” “I fucking want to catch a game,” Mallory said. That’s me. That’s my thing. It’s easy.

Most sports-minded males who connect with me don’t prioritize me. Jarrette then tells Mallory that Sal didn’t get her the ring she wanted and that he knew the ring to get her, which she confirms.

Jarrette’s talk with Mallory was questioned by Iyanna in episode 5. “Seeing him chat with Mallory, I was wondering that maybe he’d regret his choice,” Iyanna added in a confessional interview.
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I believe him. He’s mature. If he lied, I’d be devastated. I’ll go if he lied.” Jarrette and Iyanna married in episode 10.


Jarrette and Ayanna divorced in August 2022, a month after their first wedding anniversary. They posted on Instagram, “After much contemplation, we’re heartbroken to share that we have separated and will begin the process of divorcing.” “Our lives are going in different directions, but we love each other. We wish each other the best after a difficult decision.

“We hope you everyone will allow us some space as we complete this chapter of our lives,” the message said. Our close friends and family loved us through our experience. “To the Love Is Blind family and Netflix, thank you for this incredible chance and support.” In September 2022’s Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, Ayanna and Jarrette were still together.

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