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How Does My Hero Academia Toru Hagakure’s Face Look Like?

In chapter 337 of My Hero Academia, Toru Hagakure, also known as the “Invisible Girl,” shows her face. Even though she can only be seen in part, it is clear that she has mastered her quirk very well in order to be seen.

As he just showed with the U.A. traitor reveal, mangaka Horikoshi Kohei always has a reason for every clue and panel. So, what does My Hero Academia chapter 337’s “Toru Hagakure’s Face Reveal” mean?

Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers!

Does the fact that Toru Hagakure’s face changed in My Hero Academia chapter 337 mean that other Quirks will also change?

How Toru Hagakure’s Quirk Has Changed Up To The End of My Hero Academia Chapter 337

It was said that Toru Hagakure had a mutant trait called “Invisibility,” which made her invisible. Because it is a mutant-type quirk, it couldn’t be turned off or turned on, so Aizawa’s Erasure Quirk couldn’t help her.

Hagakure’s Quirk, on the other hand, lets her bend and control light. At first, she couldn’t do anything with this other than make herself permanently invisible, which gave her great stealth skills.

But since her first work-study job, she has begun to change. Toru Hagakure used her move Warp Refraction for the first time in the Pro-Hero License Exam. She used her body as a lens to bend light and make everyone around her go blind.

Hagakure was able to use her Quirk to change the direction of light after her second work-study with Yoroi Musha. She could also use her invisible body to reflect other light-based attacks, like Aoyama Yuga’s Navel Laser.

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In My Hero Academia Chapter 337

Hagakure MHA Face Reveal

In My Hero Academia chapter 337, when Aoyama fires his Navel Laser at Midoriya after he and Hagakure find out that Aoyama is the U.A. traitor, Toru Hagakure jumps in the middle and moves Aoyama’s, Navel Laser.

Then, in chapter 337 of My Hero Academia, part of her face is shown, and it looks like the light is being pushed away from it. But it only works for a moment, and in the next panel of My Hero Academia chapter 337, Toru Hagakure is invisible again.

What That Means

Hagakure MHA Face Reveal

My Hero Academia chapter 337 shows that Toru Hagakure can make herself visible by controlling light. This means that she should also be able to make other things or people invisible. In the My Hero Academia manga, it’s not clear how much she’s manipulating people, but there are a lot of possibilities.

Another thing to think about is if Hagakure can change the core of her mutant-type quirk, can Aizawa’s erasure also make it go away? If all mutant-type quirks can change over time, could other mutant-type quirks like Shoji’s Dupli-Arms change in the same way in the future?

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In Conclusion

The reveal of Toru Hagakure’s face in My Hero Academia chapter 337 not only shocked and surprised the readers, but it also has a lot of interesting implications for the future. We hope that Horikoshi will say more about this in later chapters. My Hero Academia chapter 337 is now official and can be read on Manga Plus and

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