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How Tall is Millie Bobby Brown: What Tattoos Does She Have?

Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress and producer who was born on February 19, 2004. She rose to prominence as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things (2016–present), for which she received two Primetime Emmy nominations.

Brown appeared in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and its sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). She also appeared in and produced the Netflix mystery film Enola Holmes (2020) and its sequel in 2022.

What is Millie Bobby Brown’s Age? She Was Born in 2004

Millie Bobby Brown was a young 12-year-old when she first joined the Stranger Things cast as Eleven. Millie Bobby Brown’s age was ideal for her character, as the show revolved around four middle school friends who met Eleven.

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Millie’s co-stars were all around the same age when the show first aired. Finn Wolfhard was 12, Noah Schnapp was 11, Caleb McLaughlin was the “old” one at 13, and Gaten Matarazzo was also 12.

How Tall is Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is 18 years old, and she, like the rest of the young cast, has grown up in front of our eyes in Stranger Things.

The issue they are all facing, including Millie, is that it has been almost three years since we last saw Eleven and her companions face the creatures from the Upside Down, so while the series timeline has only aged a few months, it is clear from the actors’ appearance that more than a few months have passed. Millie Bobby Brown and others have not only aged, but they have also experienced a growth spurt or two.

Millie Bobby Brown’s age does not seem to reflect her immense talent, and she is already well beyond her years on the screen.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Height is 5’4″

Stranger Things’ young actors were mostly pre-teens when the show first aired, but they are far from that now. Millie Bobby Brown appears to have kept her height throughout her career, standing at a petite 5 feet, 4 inches (5’4″). In comparison, the boys in the group have grown significantly since the series began.

Millie appears to have shrunk as she stands next to the boys. Matarazzo, who stands at 5’5″, is the only one who is close in height to Millie Bobby Brown. Finn Wolfhard has grown the most, now standing at 5’10”. Caleb McLaughlin is 5’8″ and Noah Schapp is 5’8.5″.

This is in stark contrast to the first episode when they all stood face to face. It’s difficult to ignore this fact when they’re all together on screen, especially since it appears that not much time has passed between seasons one and four.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Immediate Future

So, while the Duffer Brothers are putting the finishing touches on season 4, Millie Bobby Brown is expanding her acting resume.

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She has appeared in a few major films during her time on Stranger Things, most likely because there has been so much time between seasons. Godzilla: King of the Monsters was the first.

She appeared in the blockbuster sequel Godzilla vs. Kong, and in the Netflix film Enola Holmes, she played Sherlock Holmes’s younger sister opposite Henry Cavill’s Sherlock and Sam Claflin’s Mycroft.

Millie Bobby Brown will next be seen in Enola Holmes 2, in which Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Louis Partridge reprise their roles from the first film. Following this, Millie Bobby Brown has three more projects lined up that are not related to Stranger Things.

Damsel, The Girls I’ve Been, and The Thing About Jellyfish are among them. This is fantastic news for the young actress because no one, not even the Duffer Brothers, knows when season 5 will begin filming.

Where She Came From

Millie Bobby Brown had appeared on a few other television shows before reaching the pinnacle of her powers and portraying Eleven on Stranger Things.

She got her start on the show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as a young Alice in Wonderland. She was then seen in the television series Intruders, which was a spin-off of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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Millie spent time after Intruders on NCIS, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy. Stranger Things followed, with the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross), claiming that the role was by far the most difficult to cast.

How Tall is Millie Bobby Brown

They needed someone very young who could express emotion without speaking because the role (at least in the first season) required a lot of dialogue. The brothers described Millie as “something special” with “a downright spooky preternatural talent” shortly after meeting her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Millie Bobby Brown Deaf?

The Stranger Things Actress Was Born With Partial Hearing Loss, Which Progressed to Full Deafness as She Grew Up, Affecting Her Career. Millie Admitted That She Doesn’t Always Hear the Director’s ‘action’ Cue When Filming a Scene Unless the Director is Extremely Loud.

What Tattoos Does Millie Bobby Brown Have?

Millie told Wired in an Autocomplete Interview From November 2022, “I Have Seven Tattoos.” “I Have a Tattoo of Flowers on My Back, on My Ribs, Here [indicating Her Hip], and on My Foot.”

Does Millie Bobby Brown Wear Lenses?

“My Hair Has Grown So I Don’t Look Like Eleven, and I Don’t Say ‘no, Mike, or Goodbye,’ So I’m Just Me.” “Plus, I’m British and I Wear Prescription Glasses,” Millie Says During Super’s Interview With Her.

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