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What Happened to the Mother of Izzy Morales?

Fans have come to the conclusion that Izzy’s mother left town after she had a rough time with her husband. “When Izzy is in Cuba, she talks about having to call her mom at a certain time.
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Then How many years has StartUp been on? The first episode of the American drama series StartUp, which was made by Ben Ketai, came out on the streaming service Crackle in September 2016. Since then, two more seasons came out in 2017 and 2018, and on May 4, 2021, all three seasons of the show were added to Netflix.

Izzy Morales went to Cuba to find out why. In the trailer for Season 3, NSA agent Stroud can be heard telling Izzy that she wants Izzy to spy on the Araknet team for her. … Marrero told The Cheat Sheet, “It stinks because after what she did in Season 2 and how she ended things, she ran away.” “She ran away to avoid getting killed, but also to try to start over.”

During the Events of Startup, What Happened to Izzy’s Mom?

Nick Talman, who is played by Adam Brody, is a businessman who is willing to take huge risks to get ahead. Throughout the series, he works with former gangster Ronald Dacey (Edi Gathegi) and programmer Izzy to launch GenCon.

Later, they make a plan to change the darknet, but they run into a lot of problems along the way. Izzy is the main character in the show, and she did not get along well with her family.

She broke up with her boyfriend in the first season and had to move back in with her parents. Her mother didn’t like what she was doing for a living and wanted better for her daughter.

Izzy didn’t give up, though. She kept working, and her idea for a cryptocurrency impressed Nick. Fans want to know what happened to her mother Marta, who was only in the first two seasons.

what happened to izzy morales mother
what happened to Izzy morales mother

Fans talked about Marta’s sudden disappearance from the third and final season on the website Reddit. “What happened to Izzy’s mom in season 3?” asked one. No one knew what happened to her!”

“Based on how Izzy has treated her family in the past, I think she chopped her up and buried her in the crawl space of their family home,” said another viewer.

“Everyone acted like nothing was wrong while this was going on. Izzy is a very poorly written-character, so I’m glad they at least cut her screen time down. Others didn’t agree, saying that Izzy was a fan favorite who people loved to hate.
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Another fan had an idea about what happened to Marta. “At the beginning of season 3, she talks about emailing her mom, so she’s still alive and a character,” they said.

“If she was in Cuba, she could have called or texted, and the internet credit wouldn’t have been such a big deal.
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Based on how sad Izzy’s dad is in this series, I think they got a divorce after their daughter died, and Izzy went to her dad instead of her mom because he was always more understanding.


Other people who watched the show agreed that Izzy’s mother moved away and split up with Izzy’s father.

Another person said, “I guess the marriage didn’t last after their daughter died and one of them left without saying goodbye.”

So they probably got a divorce. Since Izzy was always closer to her dad than to her mom, it would make sense for her to go to his house if she needed to see a parent. At least, that’s what I think makes the most sense.

Fans have come to the conclusion that Izzy’s mother left town after she had a rough time with her husband.

“When Izzy is in Cuba, she talks about having to call her mom at a certain time. She says that she felt bad when she forgot to call before. That made me think she might be in a mental hospital or some other place where calls can only be made at certain times.

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