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Why Will Tom and Zendaya Split? Breakup Rumors Exposed!

After rumors of a breakup spread online, Tom Holland and Zendaya’s fans want to know if the couple is still together. Let’s put an end to those rumors. Fans have been very interested in learning more about their relationship since the Marvel stars said in public that they loved each other.

Tom and Zendaya have been in the news a lot, with rumors that they are getting married and that Zendaya is pregnant. This week, a popular social media app was filled with false stories about the pair, which made some fans worried.

Tom Says Social Media is Too Much and is Taking a Break From It

On August 13, 2022, Tom announced on Instagram that he was taking a hiatus from social media because “Twitter and Instagram are too stimulating.” He claimed, “I get caught up and spiral when I read things about myself online,” in a three-minute video. I feel overpowered.

I’ve made the decision to take a step back and deactivate the app because it ultimately harms my mental health a lot. The Marvel actor claimed that the video represented his last “brief” appearance on social media.

tom and zendaya still together
Tom and Zendaya are still together

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In 2022, Zendaya and Tom Holland Remained Together

Tom and Zendaya are still dating, and their relationship is still going strong in 2022.

The reports seem to have originated from posts on Snapchat’s discover tab after several Snapchat users claimed on Twitter to have seen claims that Tom and Zendaya had broken up.

Another person chimed on, saying, “This is the same text different photo for hours – either a bot or just some desperate folks wanted likes today.”

Another supporter commented, “Genuinely hope Tom and Zendaya never split up.” “I’m not a fan of celebrities’ love lives, but those two are just really close to my heart. They are really sweet.

“Why are there reports that Zendaya and Tom split?” said a fourth tweeter. That won’t take place, ok? In my life, no.

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