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Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay? What is The Sexuality of The Dallas Cowboys RB?

Ezekiel Elliott is a Running Back for the National Football League team Dallas Cowboys. He went to college at Ohio State and played football there.
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In 2015, he was named to the second-team of All-America.

Elliott was the fourth player taken by the Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft. He was chosen for the Pro Bowl three times and the All-Pro team twice. In 2016 and 2018, he led the league in rushing yards.

Early Years

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay

Ezekiel Elijah Elliott was born in Alton, Illinois, on July 22, 1995. Both of his parents were college athletes. His mother, who used to be called Dawn Huff, won state titles in three sports in high school. She then went to the University of Missouri and ran track there.

Stacy, his father, played linebacker for the University of Missouri football team and ran Fifth Down Enterprises. Elliott’s grandfather on his mother’s side was a basketball player for Drake University.
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Shawn Huff, a Finnish pro basketball player, is his uncle.

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Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay?

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay

No, Ezekiel Elliott is Not Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Straight. Even though many people think otherwise, Ezekiel Elliott does not see himself as part of the LGBT community. After he was featured in a one-time annual issue of ESPN, rumors spread like wildfire and quickly reached a fever pitch.

The athlete was shown on the front cover of the “Body” issue. When the athlete appeared on the cover in what looked like a nude state, he didn’t know that people would accuse him of being gay just for being himself.

In the year 2017, this happened. Even the news website BET thought that this was a sign of a weak mind on the part of Twitter users. And there’s one more thing that makes no sense at all.

The athlete said what he really thought about topics that are rarely talked about in public, and he did it with the best of intentions.
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But other people didn’t have the same amount of energy.

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Is Ezekiel Elliott Dating Someone in 2022?

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay
Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott has been dating Halle Woodard since 2017. They did have a few short breaks ups over the years, though. says that in one case, they broke up for almost four months and stopped following each other on social media after the running back got into a fight with security at the Electric Daisy Festival in Las Vegas and was arrested.

After Elliott and his girlfriend got back together, rumors started going around that he had asked her to marry him and that they were engaged. This wasn’t true, though, and Woodard hasn’t been seen wearing a ring.

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The Couple Tries To Keep The Public Away From Their Private Lives

Is Ezekiel Elliott Gay
Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Elliott and Woodard have done a good job of keeping their relationship out of the spotlight. Woodard seems to like that a lot, especially since she likes to keep her relationship with Zeke a secret.

Her Instagram account is now set to private, and she rarely posts pictures of the athlete. In fact, there aren’t many photos of them together anywhere. They were seen together at a Dallas Mavericks game in 2021. Woodard has also been seen watching a few Cowboys games from the stands.

Before Woodard, Elliott was in the news because of serious accusations made by Tiffany Thompson in 2016. She called the police and said that the running back had hurt her. It was also found out that Elliott had once told the Frisco, Texas police that Thompson was harassing him. But neither Zeke nor Thompson were ever accused of doing anything wrong.

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