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Monarch Season 2: When Will Fox’s Musical Drama TV Series Will Premiere?

In the first episode of FOX’s drama about a country music family, Albie Roman (Trace Adkins), the patriarch, buried a body. In the Season 1 finale, we finally find out who gets the blame for the murder.

In Episode 7, viewers found out that the body was Nicky’s (Anna Friel) ex-husband Clive (Adam Croasdell). When he tried to hurt Nicky, Gigi (Beth Ditto) hit him in the head with a statue of an award. That wasn’t enough to kill Clive, so Albie shot him and buried him to make sure he was dead.

The season ends with a big arrest for Clive’s death and other big reveals, like Jamie’s (Damon Dayoub) past and Kayla’s (Meagan Holder) early labor. So, FOX hasn’t said if there will be a Season 2 of Monarch yet, but there are a lot of things that could be picked up in another season.

Showrunner Jon Feldman told TVInsider, “We have murder, cover-ups, infidelity, sibling rivalry, criminal investigations, and families that are breaking up and trying to stay together.” “I haven’t even said that the family may lose control of the record label that has been associated with them for 40 years. So the Romans have a lot of drama, high stakes, and problems ahead of them.”

The number of people who watch Monarch is lower than that of FOX’s other dramas, such as The Cleaning Lady and 9-1-1. It hasn’t been given good reviews either: “There are fights between siblings, blackmail, cheating, and wigs — oh, so many wigs! Kristen Baldwin wrote in Entertainment Weekly that “Monarch is often a ridiculous mess.” But Baldwin also said, “And God help me, I will watch every episode.”

FOX also said that it is “bolstering its portfolio of owned content” for 2023. Since the number of dramas on FOX is small compared to the number of animated and reality shows, it’s likely that the executives want to keep Monarch around. Here is what else we know about a possible second season.

Monarch Season 2: Potential Release Date

Monarch Season 2

Most streaming dramas take a year to make a new season, but FOX tends to make them more quickly. It took a month for The Cleaning Lady to get renewed, and both it and 9-1-1 took about six months between seasons. If Monarch Gets Picked Up Again, It Could Come Out in The Summer of 2023.

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Monarch Season 2: Cast Prediction

Monarch Season 2

We probably won’t see Croasdell’s Clive in a future season, but we can expect to see the rest of the Roman family again. This includes Albie (Trace Adkins), Nicky (Anna Friel), Gigi (Beth Ditto), and Luke Roman (Joshua Sasse). Jamie (Damon Dayoub), Kayla (Meagan Holder), Skyler (Marcia Cross), Catt (Martha Higareda), Ace (Iigo Pascual), and Ana (Emma Milani), whose role in Monarch made her famous, are also likely to come back.

“I’d like to see Ana’s music make her seem more like herself. When asked about a possible Season 2, Milani told Pop-Culturist, “I’d like to see her do more rock and roll with country and start becoming the pop star they want her to be.” She also said that she’d love to sing John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves” if the show were to be brought back.

Monarch Season 1: Recap

Monarch Season 2

We KNEW that Clive, the bad guy, had more to offer than just spooning that bottle of OxyContin and trying to blackmail his ex-wife before leaving for London. The old Clive. And when I say “good old,” I mean “piece of shite.” He is the one who shows up at Nicky’s door the night of the Country Music Legacy Awards.

He is drunk and wants Nicky back. When she tells him no in a very clear way, he gets mad, hits her in the face, and then starts to choke her. All of a sudden, the CML trophy for “Single of the Year” crashes down on Clive’s stupid head.

Is that Gigi? You’ll remember that she was going to Nicky’s that night to “tear her sister a new one,” which was a threat no one took seriously. Instead, she tore a hole in her brother-in-head. law’s There is a lot of blood, no joke!

Again, we watch as Nicky calls Albie for help and loads Clive’s body into the back of the truck so that he can be buried in the woods. What is this, though? Clive is still alive! The two then start a cute little shootout, which lasts until Albie says that stupid line from the pilot about how Romans never forget their friends or enemies.

I can’t stop thinking about how silly it is, even after seven episodes. Now that we know he said it to Clive, it’s even more silly! His daughter-in-law! Like, you couldn’t say anything more Clive-specific before you killed him?

Anyway, Clive is dead, Albie throws him in the grave, Luke makes it look like Clive was drinking in his car, evidence is burned, and the Romans find that empty grave again. I’m glad Monarch doesn’t answer the question of where Clive’s body is.

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Monarch Season 2

Not only does this keep the series interesting, but it also adds tension as the Romans try to move on and act like everything is fine. We know that at any time, someone could blow up everything the Romans built.

The next month, Nicky filed a missing person’s report for Clive, but most of the Romans are just trying to act normal and get on with their work. Everyone is on board with that plan except Tatum, who, bless her heart, doesn’t understand why no one seems to care that her father is missing.

(If you remember, Ace was in the living room during the whole beating, so he knows the secret.) I’m sorry, but I died laughing when Tatum’s Uncle Tripp walked up to her and said, “Well, sweetie, your dad is a slut, so he’s probably just shacking up with whoever he’s banging at the moment, there, there.” Tatum was upset about her dad, and Uncle Tripp was trying to comfort her. Uncle Tripp is at his best!

So, what else do the Romans do besides keep their promise to kill each other? So, I guess this week Monarch Entertainment is going to start selling bourbon. Tells the truth The name “Bourbon” sounds great on a bottle of liquor, but it only makes the pain that its namesake has been feeling lately worse.

Albie knows he doesn’t tell the truth. I mean, for one thing, there’s the murder cover-up, and he’s still in shock over the fact that Rosa had his baby before she died in that barn fire. He sees Ana wearing the locket he gave Rosa back then, and he knows right away that Catt is his daughter.

He meets with Catt to confirm it, and she says she doesn’t want anything from him except for him to give Ana a chance to make it in the music business.

Albie invites Ana to sing on his album, or he records a song with her for her album. As usual, it’s very hard to understand.


Monarch Season 2

Albie has always felt like a fraud because of how people see him. In fact, from the beginning, the whole “Truth Teller” brand was a lie. All of this was Dottie’s plan to get her husband, who was once thought of as a criminal (we know this because he did time), into a deeper, more mature part of his career.

We see a few flashbacks that tell us about Dottie’s past, but mostly they just show us again what a bad idea it was to kill her off. Albie and Dottie’s marriage was going through a rough time, which seemed to happen a lot. In the flashback, Albie shows up backstage at her concert to tell her he’s going to go out onstage and sing to her in front of her fans to win her back. He has already made this movie, and Dottie is tired of it.

How does she keep him from walking out there?

This woman pulls out her gun, shoots him in the leg, and leaves him in the dressing room. As she walks by him on her way to perform, she tells him, “Try not to die before I finish my set.” I can’t even handle how cool it is. This show needs this kind of energy! Let this play go on!

Albie decides he can finally start living up to his reputation as a truth-teller. Now, don’t get too excited. He won’t tell the police the truth about Clive, but he does tell Nicky everything he knows about Rosa and Catt, including the fact that Dottie is a murderer. They all agree that “lies are the real Roman legacy.” It’s not good!

Gigi also has a big photo shoot for a magazine cover to do. When the magazine Photoshops her picture so much that she doesn’t even look like herself, the story ends with Gigi living in her truth and standing up for herself. No, it’s not a subtle Photoshop job. By the end, it looks like M3GAN is on the cover of Beaucoups. It’s crazy.

How in the world can Kayla even stand it for a second? She says that her wife looks “snatched,” which I assume means “stolen,” since the person on the cover is a totally different person.

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Monarch Season 2

She is really upset when Gigi says she doesn’t want to use these. Kayla! Just for a second, get your head out of your arse! Gigi posts her own “day in the life” videos on social media to show who she really is and how proud she is of her life and body as they are. She loses the cover deal in the end, but a lot of people like the video.

The part of this plot that bothers me the most, though, is that Gigi doesn’t say a single word about what happened with Clive. Sure, she saved her sister and Clive was a horrible person, but I doubt Gigi has smashed many people’s heads in before.

Shouldn’t she have some kind of PTSD? Just a little bit of worry? Just seeing her sister get hurt like that would be enough to make her feel a little uneasy. Still, nothing.

Well, Gigi might be worried about what happened with Clive soon if she isn’t already. Tatum is sure that something is really wrong with her dad and that her family is hiding something from her. Even Uncle Tripp can’t change her mind.

Something about the Romans doesn’t feel right to him, so he decides to put pressure on the detectives who are working on the case. He tells them, “Do whatever it takes” to find out what really happened. That’s not great news for the “First Family of Country Music.”

Monarch Season 2: Trailer

Fox hasn’t put out a trailer for Monarch Season 2 yet. We’ll let you know here as soon as we hear anything official. But you can watch the Season 1 trailer for Monarch below:

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