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Who is the Season 2 Antagonist of Marvel Studios’ Loki?

Kate Dickie, an actress best known for her roles in Prometheus, Game of Thrones, and The Green Knight, has recently joined the cast of the Marvel Studios Disney Plus series. She will be portraying whom?

Although there are contradicting rumors, nothing is confirmed as of yet.

She may play the villain, goes one rumor, according to Deadline.

She will reportedly play a more mature version of Sylvie, according to another story from The Illuminerdi. If we recall correctly, He Who Remains, the man who is responsible for everything, was finally faced by both Loki and Sylvie, a female Loki, in the season one finale of Loki.

Who Will Be the Villain in Loki Season 2?

He knows when everything will happen until Loki and Sylvie arrive at his domain. When Sylvie is given a choice, she kills He Who Remains, which goes against both logic and Loki.

This makes the order of time fall apart, so when the God of Mischief comes back, Mobius doesn’t recognize him. Not only that, but there are statues of Kang the Conqueror all over the place inside the TVA, so it looks like the inside has been decorated as well.

During season 1, Sylvie was seen as the bad guy because of what she did to the TVA. Sylvie has been running from the TVA since she was a child, even though she didn’t know she was acting out of the desired timeline.


As Loki got to know her, he saw how silly it was, but he still thought that time had to keep going without any problems. In season 2, how will Loki find Sylvie?

In what kind of time has Loki ended up? Will what Sylvie does change other stories and timelines in the MCU?

Marvel Studios Loki Season 2 Trailer

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