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Sen. Cotton Praised for Defeating Kroger Ceo Seeking Gop Help Against Dems

Conservatives praised Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, for humiliating Kroger’s chair and CEO in a recent viral video.

Cotton criticized the businessman in the clip for seeking GOP support against the Democratic Party’s intentions to regulate his company after it recently silenced conservative employees.

The video, recorded from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on November 29, shows Cotton criticizing McMullen for asking his assistance to prevent Democratic lawmakers from impeding the grocery store company’s merger with Albertsons.

Cotton showed ambivalence in assisting Kroger, especially after being sued by “two former Kroger employees in Arkansas who were dismissed for refusing to wear aprons supporting the LGBTQ+ community,” as reported by Fox Business.

The senator stated that Republicans have no interest in assisting businesses that “suppress conservative and center-right voters.”

Cotton responded to McMullen with these words: “This predicament recalls me somewhat of the situation in which large technology corporations have found themselves in recent years.

They have come to Washington because they fear regulation from our Democratic allies or action by the Biden administration, and they want Republicans, who have historically been more supportive of free enterprise, to defend them.”

He continued, “I’ve warned them for years that if they suppress conservatives and center-right voters… if they discriminate against them in their firm, they probably shouldn’t ask Republican senators to carry their water when our Democratic friends try to regulate them or prevent their mergers.”

The senator concluded that he was not interested in assisting McMullen by communicating that he had no intention of doing so “I will say, “I’m sorry that this is happening to you. Best wishes.”
Christopher Bedford, a pundit conservative, tweeted, “Exact match. The CEO of Kroger makes his shelf-stockers and cashiers to undergo left-wing brainwashing in order to work for him, yet pays himself approximately 400 times more than they do. Send him to his Democratic allies for scraps when he comes begging for more money and authority.”


Briscoe Cain, a conservative attorney, reacted with a common idiom “Go Woke. Go Broke.” Amber Smith, a former Pentagon officer and author, and Stephen L. Miller, a contributing editor at The Spectator, both tweeted “This is the way”

Inez Stepman, a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, tweeted, “This is my politics” “More of this,” remarked the conservative internet strategist Logan Hall in response to Cotton’s tone.

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