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Where to Watch Too Hot to Handle: Everything You Need To Know!

Too Hot to Handle is a Fremantle production company Talkback and Thames’s American-British reality television dating game show.

The eight-episode first season of the show, created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, was released on Netflix on April 17, 2020.

The show, hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana,” revolves around 10 adults who are all primarily engaged in meaningless flings and are unable to form long-lasting relationships are placed in a house for four weeks and must go through various workshops, all while being forbidden from any kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification, with the monetary prize decreasing every time a rule is broken.

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What is the Release Date of Too Hot to Handle Season 4?

Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle will be available on December 7.

Where to Watch Too Hot to Handle

Where to Watch Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Online?

Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle is available on Netflix.

What is Too Hot to Handle About?

Too Hot to Handle transports young, lustful, and extremely attractive individuals to a romantic resort where they initially believe they are on a dating show but are eventually introduced to Lana, a voiced robot who reveals that the competition is about developing deeper relationships based on communication rather than any sexual activity in order to find a soulmate.

As a result, the contestants are required to refrain from any intimate or sexual activity in exchange for a large sum of money.

If a rule is broken, the contestants face a penalty that results in a deduction from their money; the greater the sin, the greater the penalty. Lana sees everything, no matter what strategies they try.

What is the Synopsis of Too Hot to Handle Season 4?

For season 4, the money has been doubled to $200,000, making it the most money offered on any show.

Not only that, but unlike any previous season, contestants are allowed ‘one kiss’ per date, which will undoubtedly create more heat and stir up some entertaining drama between players, resulting in far more fights between couples.

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Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Official Trailer

Initially, Netflix released a teaser that showed Lopez welcoming contestants to a new show and their priceless reaction to learning they were on Too Hot to Handle:

What Are the Reviews of Too Hot to Handle

The Guardian describes the show as “disgustingly binge-able,” adding, “There are so many grim close-ups of eager, digging tongues that this show will do more to promote social distancing than any of the government’s official posters.”

What is Too Hot to Handle’s IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Rating?

The IMDb rating for Too Hot to Handle is 4.7/10, and the Rotten Tomatoes rating is 32%.

Episodes of Too Hot to Handle Season 4

Season 4’s first five episodes will be available on December 7, with the remaining five episodes following on December 15.

What Else Can I Watch on Netflix?

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Who is in the Cast of Too Hot to Handle Season 4?

This season’s cast includes a race car driver, a basketball player, a model, an entrepreneur, and others.

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Not only that, but singletons from all over the world will be competing, including Creed from Perth, Australia, Dominique from Colorado, USA, and Jawahir from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Where to Watch Too Hot to Handle

Add Brittan, James, Kayla, Nick, Nigel, Seb, and Sophie to the mix, and you’ve got ten sexy singles desperate for that cash prize.

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