Qdramas.Com Traffic Analytics & Market Share


qdramas.com is a popular Korean drama streaming website. Recently, they’ve been investing heavily in marketing and traffic analytics to help them optimize their content and audience engagement. In this article, we’ll share some of the insights they’ve gleaned, and how you can use them to increase your website traffic and market share. ###

Qdramas.Com Traffic Analysis

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Qdramas.com is a Korean drama streaming website with a large and popular user-base in Asia. The website was established in January of 2017 and according to Alexa it has a global rank of 302nd in the United States.

The website’s traffic analysis can be found below. In this analysis, we will focus on the monthly visits, average session duration (ASD), Bounce Rate, and Country of Origin for qdramas.com.

Monthly Visits: qdramas.com received an estimated 781,272 monthly visits in October 2017 which ranks 302nd in the United States. This represents an increase of 13% from the 664,068 monthly visits qdramas.com received in September 2017.

Average Session Duration (ASD): The average session duration (ASD) for qdramas.com was approximately 36 minutes which ranks 5th in the United States. This represents an increase of 21% from the 27 minutes ASD qdramas.com had in September 2017.

Bounce Rate: The bounce rate for qdramas.com was 17% which is lower than the 24% bounce rate that the website had in September 2017 but higher than the 15% bounce rate that qdramas.com had in October 2016. Country of Origin: According to Alexa, 87% of qdrama’s global traffic is from Asia which is consistent with what we

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Qdramas.com Competitors Analysis

Qdramas.com is the leading Korean streaming site for dramas and variety shows. It offers a variety of content, including new and old dramas, comedies, and variety shows.

Since its establishment in 2012, Qdrama has steadily grown in popularity, becoming one of the most popular streaming sites in Korea. In 2018, it was announced that Qdrama had surpassed Viki as the largest Korean streaming site by monthly active users (MAU).

In this article, we will be taking a look at Qdrama’s competitors and analyzing their traffic analytics to see how they are performing. We will also provide market share data for both Qdrama and Viki so that you can see which site is dominant in terms of audience size.


Looking to get an edge on your competition? qdramas.com offers comprehensive traffic analytics and market share information that can help you do just that. Check out their blog for insights on the latest Dramatic Web Trends, as well as tips and tricks for increasing website traffic. Plus, you can see which Drama series are currently popular on qdramas.com and figure out where your target audience is congregating online.


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