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How Many Episodes Are in National Treasure: Edge of History?

National Treasure is a four-part British television drama series produced by Channel 4 in 2016. It was written by Jack Thorne.

It stars Robbie Coltrane as Paul Finchley, a former successful comedian from the 1980s and early 1990s who now hosts a television quiz show.

He is accused of raping several young women in the early 1990s. Julie Walters plays his wife Marie, and Andrea Riseborough plays his daughter Dee.

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The drama is based on Operation Yewtree, a police operation that resulted in the prosecution of several veteran TV actors.

How Many Episodes Are in National Treasure

How Many Episodes Are in National Treasure: Edge of History?

The Declaration of Independence came first. The Presidential Book of Secrets came next. In National Treasure: Edge of History, a new globe-trotting adventure to uncover a Pan-American treasure will begin.

The National Treasure franchise’s next installment is the Disney+ series. The two films followed Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage), a historian and treasure hunter on the hunt for the world’s most unusual artifacts.

Gates’ discoveries included the Freemasons’ treasure and Cbola, a Native American city of gold. The series will feature new characters and a new plot line.

Lisette Alexis plays Jess Valenzuela, a brilliant young woman searching for her family’s history in Edge of History. Jess’s father died when she was a child, but a new clue may hold the key to unlocking the mystery surrounding his death. As Jess searches for a Pan-American treasure that holds the key to her family’s history, her discoveries lead to more clues and secrets.

How Many Episodes Are in National Treasure

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Lyndon Smith as FBI Agent Ross, Antonio Cipriano as Oren Bradley, Jake, Austin Walker as Liam Sadusky, Jordan Rodrigues as Ethan, Zuri Reed as Tasha Rivers, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Billie Pearce join Alexis in the cast. Justin Bartha as Riley Poole and Harvey Keitel as Peter Sadusky reprise their film franchise roles.

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Review: X Doesn’t Quite Mark the Spot

National Treasure has the wildest premise of any heist film ever made, even when compared to Ocean’s 8’s plot of stealing jewels from under the noses of Anna Wintour and the Met.

The 2004 film (and its 2007 sequel) made American history cool for kids again and easily became a staple in star Nicolas Cage’s filmography, especially for Gen Z audiences who inevitably ended up owning a paper copy of the Declaration of Independence at some point in their childhoods.

With National Treasure: Edge of History, Disney+ is once again attempting to disprove what we believe we know about American history while also broadening its focus to include all of North America.

The new series replaces Ben Gates with Jess Valenzuela (Lisette Olivera), a young Mexican woman living in Baton Rouge who learns that her deceased (and deadbeat, according to her mother) father is connected to a large and unclaimed treasure, shifting the focus away from the founding fathers and onto the more general issue of colonialism and Indigenous history.

How Many Episodes Are in National Treasure

If only the television show were as magnificent as the treasure it bases its narrative on. Yet alas.

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