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‘God’s Crooked Lines’ Plot Summary: What is the Film About?

God’s Crooked Lines is a 2022 Spanish psychological thriller film directed by Oriol Paulo and starring Bárbara Lennie.

The screenplay, written by Oriol Paulo and Guillem Clua with the assistance of Lara Sendim, is based on Torcuato Luca de Tena’s 1979 novel of the same name.

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The plot follows Alice Gould (Lennie), a woman who enters a psychiatric ward to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding a death in the facility.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

‘God’s Crooked Lines’ Plot Summary: What is the Film About?

Dr. E. Donadio, the doctor who suggested Alice be hospitalized, wrote a letter to the asylum director, Samuel Alvar, warning him of Alice’s intelligence and advising him not to believe her lies, no matter how convincing they appeared.

Despite the fact that she had been hospitalized several times for attempting to poison her husband, she wanted the facility to believe that her husband was the one who had legally kidnapped her.

His goal was to become the sole executor of her vast fortune. Alice responded to every question; she stated that her husband chose not to involve the police in the poisoning investigation.

This was done to avoid the court appointing a guardian for her, and he would no longer have sole control over her wealth. Alice was extremely convincing. Her expressive eyes and witty responses could easily persuade anyone to believe her story.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

Monserrat, the facility’s deputy director, felt sympathy for Alice from the moment she met her. Alice came from a wealthy family; she was beautiful and logical.

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She was unlike most of the patients at the facility, which was why Monserrat wanted to meet all of her needs. She was allowed to bring a psychology book with her. She had newspaper clippings from the suicide of Damian Garcia del Olmo, the case she was looking into, inside the book.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

Alice believes that in order to access her bank records, she must go to the bank herself, but neither Castello nor Arellano can arrange her release. She devised an escape strategy. She escaped her cell and took refuge in the toy workshop with the assistance of Ignacio and a few others.

Alvar discovered this and informed the nurses and attendants. Alice informed Ignacio of her plan and requested his lighter. She waited until the end of the day in the toy shed. She then poured paint thinner all over the shed and lit it up. Ignacio watched the flames rise from his room, so he left his cell and began unlocking all the other cell doors.

At this point, the viewer realizes that this is the ill-fated night that the timeline kept switching to. All of the patients are out in the open, causing havoc. It’s pouring outside. But, aided by the chaos, Alice gradually makes her way out.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

Meanwhile, Ignacio discovers a severely injured Romulus in his cell. He tries to help him, but he is too far gone. When the authorities discover his body, Ignacio takes cover, and we are transported back to the previous scene.

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