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Callisto Protocol Ending Explained: What Happens in this Game?

The Callisto Protocol is a 2022 survival horror action video game published by Krafton and developed by Striking Distance Studios. Glen Schofield, who previously co-created the Dead Space series, directed it.

The story of the game follows Jacob Lee (Josh Duhamel), who is sent to a prison facility on the Jovian moon Callisto to fight against infected prisoners with an unknown disease while uncovering the facility’s dark secrets.

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Players explore a series of levels, gathering resources and fighting off infected prisoners.

The Callisto Protocol Cast

Here is the Voice Actor Cast of the Callisto Protocol:

The Callisto Protocol: the Survival Saga’s Ending Explained

  • Jacob Lee – Josh Duhamel
  • Dani Nakamura – Karen Fukuhara
  • Elias Porter – Zeke Alton
  • Warden Duncan Cole – James C. Mathis III
  • Cpt. Leon Ferris – Sam Witwer
  • Dr Caitlyn Mahler – Louise Barnes
  • Max Barrow – Jeff Schine

The Callisto Protocol Release Date

The Callisto Protocol was released on December 2, 2022, just in time for players to get their fix of horror before the holidays.

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There were brief rumors of a delay, but these were quickly dispelled by the development team in early October 2022.

What Happens in the Callisto Protocol? Plot Explained

Jacob Lee and his friend Max have contracted cargo transporters tasked with moving items from Jupiter’s Europa moon to the nearby moon Callisto.

They are intercepted by the Outer Way, and Jacob’s ship crashes. As a result, Max is killed in the crash, and Jacob and Outer Way organization member Dani Nakamura are apprehended by Captain Ferris of Black Iron Prison and sent there.

The Callisto Protocol: the Survival Saga’s Ending Explained

While there, Jacob escapes due to an outbreak and befriends a fellow inmate named Elias. Due to a long-term sentence, Elias guides Jacob throughout the facility as our brave hero collects new gear and weapons and deals with an unknown alien parasitic presence attempting to kill everyone.

After overcoming numerous obstacles, Jacob and Elias are able to meet, suit up, leave the facility, and attempt their escape via Callisto’s surface.

However, an accident during the ensuing escape nearly takes Jacob’s life, and he eventually finds Elias, whose suit has broken, and succumbs to Callisto’s unmanageable conditions.

The Callisto Protocol Ending Explained

The Warden explains that The Callisto Protocol was an experiment to recreate the original Alpha who died in order to advance human evolutionary growth.

He essentially conducted his own experiment using infected larvae in Black Iron Prison and Europa – which we learn resulted in the death of Dani’s sibling.

After a brief scuffle, Warden Cole’s new Alpha, Captain Ferris, realizes his true potential and morphs into a giant, hulking monster.

Cole challenges Jacob to face the new Alpha race and determine which race is superior. Jacob is able to take Ferris down, extract the antidote, and cure Dani. Dani shoots at Cole in retaliation, but it’s just a hologram, and Cole causes the planet to self-destruct.

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Jacob and Dani find the escape pods, but there is only one left, so Jacob forces Dani into it, claiming that he belongs there and can’t forgive himself for inadvertently bringing the virus to Callisto.

The Callisto Protocol: the Survival Saga’s Ending Explained

Dani’s Escape pod takes off just as Jacob is surrounded by monsters, sacrificing himself in the process. The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods.

Back on Callisto, Jacob has defeated the monsters, and Dr. Mahler’s hologram appears and says that there may be a way out. As she says this, Ferris’ face appears and screams at Jacob – but now in his pre-Alpha form.

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