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How to Log into Snapchat Online?

Most people agree that the best messaging app in the world is Snapchat. While desktop PCs may access Facebook and other social networking sites, Snapchat wasn’t made available online for a while. However, the social media company Snapchat just unveiled Snapchat for Web, allowing users to continue their discussions on a web browser.

You can now place and receive phone calls, make and receive video calls, and send and receive text-based Snaps. But you’re in the right place if you want to find out how to access Snapchat online. You’ll learn how to access the Snapchat web properly in this article. Let’s delve into the specifics!

Can I Log into Snapchat without the App?

Snapchat web

You can log onto Snapchat without the app, so yes. You can use Snapchat on any device with ease thanks to the company’s recent launch of Snapchat Web. Now that you no longer need your gadget, you may continue your Snap Streaks on your laptop.

You can chat with your loved ones using Snapchat Web. While utilising the Snapchat site, you can send and receive Snapchat. Additionally, you may browse other people’s stories on Snapchat online and reply to their messages quickly. Use AirDroid Web to access Snapchat on your computer as well.

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Proven Ways to Log into Snapchat Online

Are you unsure about how to access Snapchat online? The solution is in this section! People are questioning how to get into the online application because Snapchat was very slow to release a web application for its platform. We’ve offered the best ways to accomplish it to assist them, including:

Snapchat Web – Official

Snapchat is a fun app that enables us to share photos in real-time and save memories with one another. About 30% of Snapchat’s users have switched from the smartphone application to the web version since the business recently launched an online version of its platform.

You’ll need one of those browsers if you want to talk to your friends and family, keep up with your Snap Streaks, and make and take calls because it is currently only accessible on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The instructions listed below will explain how to log into Snapchat using the Snapchat online application:

  1. Go to the Snapchat Web on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  2. Enter your Snapchat credentials in the required fields.
  3. After that, click on Log In to log into the Snapchat web.

log in Snapchat Web

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AirDroid Web – Recommend


AirDroid Web is your best option if you don’t want to view Snapchat using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. The remote control function of AirDroid Web enables you to log into Snapchat online by connecting your phone to the web browser.

Millions of users all over the world and the media have praised AirDroid Personal for its useful features and enjoyable user experience. All popular systems are compatible with and supported by AirDroid Web when used online. You need look no further than AirDroid Web, which offers everything you need, including a web-based interface, if you need a way to control your smartphone devices.

The methods listed below will help you understand how to use AirDroid Web to log into Snapchat online:

  1. Download and install AirDroid Personal on your mobile phone and set up an AirDroid account. After that, launch the tool and allow the required permissions.
  2. Now, go to AirDroid Web on your computer and log in with the same AirDroid credentials.

connect AirDroid Web

  1. Click on the Control option from the AirDroid web menu on your computer to start the Remote Control connection with your phone. After successfully establishing the connection, your screen will be mirrored to the AirDroid Web through which you can easily access Snapchat.

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What Can You Do on the Snapchat Web Version?

Since the web version of Snapchat is primarily focused on the communication capabilities of the app, you should definitely use your phone instead of it if you want to publish photographs to your Story or email them to your friends. The following are some of Snapchat’s key online features:

The chat window on the web version of Snapchat is larger, and it also shows all of the discussions you are currently engaged in, making it simple for you to navigate between them. You will probably find Snapchat useful if you use it mostly for making calls, sending direct messages, or being a part of group chats as you won’t need to take your phone out as frequently.

Key Features

  • It allows you to continue the conversation on your web browser and make voice and video calls.
  • You are also able to see the Stories of other users and view their streaks.
  • You can use reactions and respond to individual messages as you can with the Snapchat app on mobile.
  • It syncs discussions with the mobile app, so you won’t lose any information even if you hop between devices.

Limitations of Snapchat Web

  • You cannot reply to the Stories of people on Snapchat Web.
  • You need to confirm the login from your mobile app to access it on web.

How to Log into Snapchat Online When Forgetting the Password?

If you can’t remember your Snapchat password, follow these instructions to log in:

Step 1: On Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, visit Snapchat Web and click on Forgot Password.

click on forget password

Step 2: Now, select the option you wish to recover the password.

reset password

Step 3: You will get the password reset URL on your email or activation code on your phone number. Go to the URL or enter the activation code to create a new Snapchat account password.

Step 4: Once done, go back to the login interface, enter the Snapchat credentials (with the new password), and click on Log In to log into Snapchat online.

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After Instagram, Snapchat is without a doubt the most well-known social networking site for sharing photos with pals. People around the world have been asking how to log into Snapchat online ever since the Snapchat web was just announced. And we sincerely hope that after reading this guide, you can access Snapchat Web. In addition, since AirDroid Web is not restricted to the web browser and enables you to manage other smartphone functions, we advise utilising it if you want to access your Snapchat online.


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