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Who Is 50 Cent Dating? Get to Know Jamira Haines, His Girlfriend

50 Cent’s girlfriend Jamira Haines was caught in the thick of a twelve-year feud between the artist and rival rapper The Game, with The Game accusing her of making a troubling request in his direct messages. He also provided several screenshots to support his assertions.

Haines quickly responded to the tweet, dismissing it as a message from 2015, well before her relationship with 50 Cent began. She did not, however, comment on the alleged content of the DM.

While this has put an end to the brewing issue, Haines has received attention, which is not the first time since her relationship with the rapper began in 2019.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, Fiddy is indeed dating a gorgeous who is more than twenty years younger than him. Continue reading to learn more about the rapper’s latest flame beyond her alleged aspirations to become The Game’s “Video Girl.”

Who Is This Mysterious Girlfriend Of 50 Cent?

Jamira Haines, the girlfriend of 50 Cent, is an Instagram influencer, fitness trainer, and model known by the moniker Cuban Link. The multitalented celebrity is also an entrepreneur and appears determined to become a lawyer.

Haines is supposedly 25 years old, making her boyfriend approximately 21 years her senior. Despite their fictitious age difference and The Game’s alarming assertions that Haines sent him her phone number and a topless photo of herself, the two appear to have the ideal relationship.

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50 Cent Girlfriend Jamira Haines’ Career

Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines maintains a diverse job despite the fact that she is pursuing her aim of being a corporate attorney by attending school.

She is an entrepreneur and the owner of the fitness company Cuban Fit, which she sells on social media. For the model, who has over 1.7 million Instagram followers and 6,400 YouTube subscribers, this endeavour is relatively profitable.

In the meantime, she pursues her legal interests by studying law at Rutgers University. She aspires to continue her studies after graduation, take the LSATs, enrol in law school, and study business law.

The 25-year-old also works as a fitness instructor, training a number of private clients and harbouring hopes of one day operating her own club. Haines also intends to expand each of these businesses into a big economic empire and eventually enter the television industry.

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Jamira Haines’ Ethnicity

Using the alias Cuban Link has caused many to believe that 50 Cent has a Cuban girlfriend. However, such is not the case.

Haines, on the other hand, is of Puerto Rican and African descent and was born in New Jersey. The entrepreneur stated in one of her social media posts that her father was black and her mother was from Puerto Rico.

Haines’ Relationship With 50 Cent

who is 50 cent dating

In 2019, 50 Cent and his girlfriend Jamira Haines began their relationship. As the rapper tries to keep aspects of his relationship private, the specific circumstances surrounding their union are unknown to the general public.

During an Instagram Live broadcast, though, the pair acknowledged their first encounter in public. The rapper remembered setting out to meet her at an address she provided, not realising until he arrived that it was a restaurant. He divulged:

The world became aware of their relationship in 2019 when they made their first public appearance together at the opening of the film “Power.” Since then, they have remained inseparable, displaying their relationship on social media with photographs and videos that inspire jealousy.

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How 50 Cent And His Girlfriend Have Sustained Their Relationship

50 Cent and his girlfriend’s social media presence demonstrates their deep affection for one other. Even after three years of marriage, their love appears to be becoming stronger. This has made them the focus of everyone’s attention, as many wonder how they pull it off.

Fortunately, the couple never hesitates to divulge their unorthodox relationship secrets. In a previous interview, the 46-year-old rapper revealed that he and Haines used a collage-making approach to improve their relationship. He divulged:

The method demonstrated where their visions coincided and what required improvement, so igniting communication. Their candid chats assisted them in resolving difficulties that would have come back to bother them in the future.

50 Cent’s Former Girlfriends

who is 50 cent dating

Before he met Haines, 50 Cent dated a number of women, both well-known and not. His relationship history includes Tattedup Holly, whom he dated from 2013 to 2015, and singer Ciara, with whom he was involved from 2007 to 2010.

50 Cent has a girlfriend named Daphne Joy in September 2012, who later bore him a kid named Sire Jackson.

Moreover, he dated Chelsea Handler, Joy Bryant, Vivica A. Fox, and Meagan Goode. Before these relationships, the rapper had a relationship with a woman named Shaniqua.

Their relationship, which ended definitively in 2008, produced the rapper’s first child, Marquise Jackson. Their son is still separated from 50 Cent as a result of the animosity between the ex-spouses.

In addition to his amorous exploits with women, the father of two is known for trolling other celebs.

The king of trolls has maintained long-lasting feuds with Wendy Williams, Rick Ross, Madonna, Will Smith, and Ashanti, among others. This has brought him criticism from fans and internet trolls who feel The Game is his equal. If only Haines could have been excluded!


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