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Is The Wolf of Wall Street Based on a True Story?

Almost everyone has heard of or seen The Wolf of Wall Street, one of the greatest financial dramas of all time, directed by Martin Scorsese. It recounts the rise and collapse of stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s career. And you’re probably all wondering whether or not it is a true story.

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The Introduction to the Movie

After its debut, the film has quickly ascended to the top. On the one hand, its vibrancy and fluidity, paired with a generous dosage of humour, captivated the audience. On the other side, though, it was criticised by some for glorifying Belfort’s crimes and deception. Regardless, wouldn’t the narrative be even more intriguing if you believed it to be true? Indeed, it does! However, is The Wolf of Wall Street based on an actual event?

Jordan Belfort Was as Real as One Can Get

All of these events actually occurred in the real world. The film starring Leonardo DiCaprio is based on Jordan Belfort‘s biography, which was published in 2007 after he was released from prison. In the book, Belfort describes how he established the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont, including the fraudulent activities in which the firm engaged. Late in the 1990s, the company was shut down, and Belfort was sent to prison for securities fraud.

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Was Everything Really Real?

I Talked To The REAL Wolf of Wall Street | by Tom Alaimo | Medium

Now, can it be said that the movie’s plot follows the events detailed in the book exactly? Indeed, Jordan Belfort asserts that “the camaraderie and craziness” depicted in the film correlate to reality and that the story as a whole is accurate. However, there have been some minor changes made to the film.

In relation to drug use, for instance, Belfort asserts that, contrary to the depictions in the film, the situation was occasionally out of control. By the conclusion of his career, Belfort was using numerous medications on a regular basis. In addition, numerous names were changed for the big screen, notably those of Belfort’s wives, whose names were originally Denise and Nadine, not Teresa and Naomi.

The Seal of Approval

The intriguing aspect is that Jordan Belfort himself appears at the end of the film. He portrays the man who promotes Leonardo DiCaprio (as Jordan Belfort) as a motivational speaker whose goal is to educate others how to succeed on Wall Street. This indicates that Belfort is rather pleased with the film’s accuracy. In addition, as depicted in the film, since 2006 Belfort has pursued the route of a motivational speaker, delivering speeches on a variety of subjects.

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So, does The Wolf of Wall Street depict a true event? Yes, unquestionably. Is it depicted accurately? Obviously, the majority of the events match to actual occurrences in Belfort’s life. There are some missing elements, but overall, Scorsese’s film is a respectable translation of the book and reality.

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