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Inventing Anna Ending Explained: Where Can You Watch This Series?

Inventing Anna is an American drama TV miniseries created and produced by Shonda Rhimes.

It was inspired by the story of Anna Sorokin and the article “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People” by Jessica Pressler. The series was put on Netflix on February 11, 2022. 

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Julia Garner played the main character, Anna Sorokin, who was played by the title character. The series got mixed reviews from critics, who liked the acting (especially from Garner) but didn’t like how the tone kept changing.

‘Inventing Anna’ Ending Explained: the Price of Wealth

Not long ago, the story of a phony German heiress became a viral internet meme. The Netflix limited series Inventing Anna tells the story of the woman behind the meme.

Inventing Anna Ending Explained

The nine-episode Shondaland series stars Julia Garner (Ozark) as Anna, Anna Chlumsky (Veep) as Vivian, Katie Lowes (Scandal) as Rachel, and Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) as Kacy.

Inventing Anna paints a picture of Anna Delvey’s rise and fall, and how she moved in and out of social circles and locations in order to get the Anna Delvey Foundation off the ground.

She accomplishes this by leaving her life in Europe behind and starting over in New York City. She weaves herself into the lives of fashion and arts figures. She serves the bond between Chase (Saamer Usmani), her futurist boyfriend, and Nora (Kate Burton), his mentor.

Anna uses Nora’s connections to get her in front of the right lawyers, architects, and bankers to make her dreams a reality. She lives in hotels and pays large tips to gain access to New York’s most exclusive venues. Anna even has a brief encounter with Billy McFarland (Ben Rappaport), the infamous Fyre Festival creator.

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She fools the socialites around her with her understated yet sophisticated style and dismissive attitude. Her assured demeanor allows her to get away with stealing a plane and staying on a yacht for a week after the owners have left. However, after years of living this way, what goes up must come crashing down.

Inventing Anna Ending Explained

The Episode Review

So Inventing Anna concludes its bloated runtime with a finale in which Anna is finally imprisoned for her crimes.

Even so, the final episode has been much more about Anna’s fashion than her crimes, and it’s a shame the show didn’t include the actual line from her court case, “She showed more concern for her attire than the emotions of those she hurt.”

And that about sums up Anna Sorokin. She gamed the system, duped banks, and fraudulently clawed her way to the top, leaving many people perplexed.

 Sure, you could argue that bankers are bad or that Trump is horrible, but that’s like saying The Tinder Swindler isn’t as bad as other con artists. Whatever way you cut it, it’s still a scam.

Despite being drawn out far longer than necessary, the show has been entertaining to watch. Some of these episodes didn’t need to be more than an hour long.

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Despite this, Inventing Anna concludes with a conclusive chapter that leaves little doubt about how this story will end.

Inventing Anna Trailer

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