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Cowboy Bebop Ending Explained: What happens to Faye at the end of this Series?

Cowboy Bebop is a 1998-1999 Japanese neo-noir science fiction anime television series.  It was created and animated by Sunrise under the direction of director Shinichiro Watanabe, screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimito Yamane, and composer Yoko Kanno, collectively credited as Hajime Yatate.

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The ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Ending, Explained

Even the best anime can have a dissatisfying conclusion. Sure, it’s a matter of perspective, but when I first watched the series finale of Cowboy Bebop, I was extremely disappointed. Though probably not as dissatisfied as viewers of the Netflix live-action adaptation.

Cowboy Bebop is a popular late-90s anime series set in 2071 that follows the lives of a bounty-hunting crew aboard the spaceship Bebop. It draws from a variety of genres and addresses serious issues such as the inability to escape one’s past, boredom, and loneliness.

And still manages to capture all of those topics in meaningful ways. This series perfectly depicts the humdrum and misery that can be prevalent in life. Spike’s (voiced by Steve Blum) story is particularly tragic. And it’s all because he couldn’t let go of the past. He couldn’t seem to leave well enough alone.

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The Episode Review

So, we get our obligatory cliffhanger ending, plenty of drama and ensuing conflict across the episodes, and we get a glimpse of the hyperactive Ed, who was, of course, a part of the original anime.

This final episode wraps up the majority of our major plot threads while leaving plenty of room for a possible second season. To some extent, Faye’s past remains unexplored, while Jet’s ties to Kimmie appear to be severed following the kidnapping incident.

Similarly, the three bounty hunters have now gone their separate ways, but it leaves an intriguing prospect for season 2 with standalone chapters involving all three hunters in their own arcs.

Cowboy Bebop Ending Explained

But, as I said all those episodes ago, this is going to be an acquired taste, and if you’re not taken after the first few episodes, you’re unlikely to enjoy what’s here. Cowboy Bebop, on the other hand, has been a fun watch, despite the dubious decision to keep Vicious alive.

This entire arc could have ended with Julia killing Vicious and then becoming that same character, a cruel and twisted woman after Spike rejected her. Instead, when it comes to tying up these antagonistic threads, there isn’t much satisfaction.

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Despite the loose ends, there’s enough here to enjoy, and the gorgeous visuals have really helped elevate this show. Still, there will be a very polarising reaction to this, and it will be interesting to see which side of the debate people fall on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to Faye at the end of Cowboy Bebop?

After learning of Spike’s fate, she returns to Earth to learn about her life before the crash from the old woman she met in episode 24. She completely reverts to the gambling-addicted criminal we first met.

Who is the Kid at the End of Cowboy Bebop?

As I Mentioned Above, I’m No Expert on Cowboy Bebop Anime—I Haven’t Watched It Yet, but I hope to in the Near Future—but I Do Know That the Kid Featured in the Ending Here is Ed—full Name is Edward “Radical Ed” Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski Iv—a Classic Character From the Cowboy Bebop Anime.

Who Ends Up With Jet and Cowboy Bebop?

As a Bounty Hunter, Jet Got a Good Name for Himself. After Four Years of Running His New Business, He Met Spike Spiegel in 2068. Spike Became His Business Partner and Best Friend.

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