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Is Noah Schnapp Gay? ‘Stranger Things’ Star Has Revealed His Sexuality in a TikTok Video!

Noah Schnapp is a famous American actor. He became known for playing Will Byers in the Netflix show Stranger Things, which is a science fiction/horror show. His cinematic appearances include Roger Donovan in the 2015 historical thriller Bridge of Spies directed by Steven Spielberg and Charlie Brown in the animation The Peanuts Movie (2015).

Early Life and Education

Is Noah Schnapp Gay

Noah Cameron Schnapp was born in New York City, New York, on October 3, 2004. He was raised in the town of Scarsdale, which is outside of the city. Schnapp is Jewish; he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Israel. There are two of them. He is a citizen of Canada. His father is Jewish and from Russia, and his mother is Jewish and from Morocco.

Schnapp’s desire to be an actor began when he was about five years old and saw Annie on Broadway. He played part in plays at school and in the community. When he was 8, his acting teacher told him he should try to do it as a job.

Schnapp’s parents put him in acting training at Star Kidz in Westchester with coach Alyson Isbrandtsen, who then introduced him to MKS&D Talent Management for employment options.

Schnapp goes to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where he studies business and innovation. His graduation date is set for 2026.

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Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Is Noah Schnapp Gay

Yes, Noah Schnapp is Gay and His Sexual Orientation is Straight. In a video on his TikTok account, the actor wrote, “When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after hiding it for 18 years out of fear, all they said was “We know.” In the caption, he said, “I guess I’m more like Will than I thought.”

He was talking about his role as Will Byers on the hit Netflix Show. In the video, you can see the actor lip-syncing to a recording of him saying, “Know what it was never? That important. It was never really that bad. Will never be that serious, to be honest.”

In July, Noah Schnapp talked about his Stranger Things character Will’s sexuality in an interview with Variety, where he confirmed that Will has romantic feelings for his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard). “Now that he is older, they have made it very clear and real. Now it’s completely clear that he’s gay and that he loves Mike “he said to Variety.

Will’s sexuality has been a mystery since the first episode of “Stranger Things,” but Schnapp has always dodged questions about the character’s identity by saying that the character is still “up to the participation of the audience.”

Schnapp stated in a July interview with Variety that he didn’t know what Matt and Ross Duffer had in mind for Will, and once he did, he didn’t want to divulge the character’s Season 4 arc.

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Is Noah Schnapp Gay

Schnapp said, “I think it’s done so well because it’s so easy to make a character gay all of a sudden.” “People have approached me; I was recently in Paris when a 40-year-old man approached me and said, ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so amazing. And it was so true for me. I was just like that when I was young.

Hearing that just made me so happy. They are writing so well about this real character, this real journey, and this real struggle.

When Variety asked Schnapp how he handled all the attention on Will’s sexuality while the character was still trying to figure out who he was, the actor pointed to all the problems the character has had to deal with over the course of the series.

He said, “I think it’s all part of the challenge of acting.” “It’s not just on the surface that he’s having trouble coming out. It’s a long-lasting trauma because he was taken by the Demogorgon and then his friends ignored him. Now he’s afraid to come out because he doesn’t know if they’ll accept him.

Netflix and the Duffer brothers have said that Stranger Things Season 5 will be the last. However, there is no word yet on when production will start on Season 5, let alone when it will air.

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