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The Chair Ending Explained: Do Ji-Yoon and Bill End Up Together?

The Chair is an American comedy-drama television series available on Netflix. On August 20, 2021, Netflix released the series. 

 It is set at the fictional Pembroke University, “in what seems like New England”. 

The Chair Ending Explained: Do Ji-Yoon and Bill End Up Together?

The Chair, starring Emmy Award-nominated actress Sandra Oh, has finally debuted on Netflix, providing us with the late-summer treat we’ve been looking forward to. The comedic drama miniseries is yet another showcase for Oh’s unrivaled talents.

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The new Netflix original miniseries takes place at Pembroke University, where Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim (Sandra Oh) has been named the English department’s first woman of a color chair. Her ascension to the coveted position, however, is hampered by a colleague’s scandal and the department’s decline.

The Chair Ending Explained

Jay Duplass, Holland Taylor, Bob Balaban, Nana Mensah, and David Morse join the Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve favorite in The Chair, which was created by Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wyman.

After watching all six episodes of the hilarious Netflix miniseries, the ending may still leave you with questions. If you need clarification, we’ve broken down all of the finale’s major moments, including Ji-major Yoon’s professional and personal decisions.

The Episode Review

So The Chair concludes with an upbeat tone and all of our characters embark on a journey. It may not make narrative sense, but it does have positive vibes, so there’s that.

The crux of the problem here, however, is the plotting, which is completely awry and devoid of logic.

 Our main storyline this season has revolved around Ji-Yoon being forced to make difficult decisions as chair. During episode 1, she was told that she needed to fire three teachers because enrollment was down.

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By the end of the season, Bill has been let go, while the three highest earners are still on the payroll, presumably joined by a fourth in Yaz. Given that she was present at the end of the meeting and Ji-Yoon promised her more money and a lucrative contract if she stayed instead of going to Yale, this spells financial disaster for Pembroke.

What about Bill? Throughout the season, there has been a strangely shoehorned story about Daphne in here, and the big “aha” moment involves her not wanting to sleep with him but having him read her novel.

The Chair Ending Explained

In reality, it’s a meaningless subplot that adds nothing to the show. Not to mention his arc, which has him fired and still hopelessly unsuccessful by the end. The only difference is that he’s more optimistic… But how long will that last?

The other subplots are all resolved, though Joan being the chair is more of a poisoned chalice than anything else. All Ji-Yoon has done is hand over all of her previous issues and problems to Joan, who is likely to retire in the near future anyway!

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In the end, The Chair has a lot of issues and, despite some positive vibes, bows out with a finale that raises more questions than it answers.

The Chair Trailer

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