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Who Is Phil Baroni’s Girlfriend Paola? He Murdered Her After She Admitted to Cheating on Him

Mexico’s police have taken Phil Baroni into custody because they think he killed his girlfriend Paola by beating her. Tribuna de la Bahia, a local newspaper, reported on Tuesday that Baroni, 46, was arrested on Sunday in San Pancho, a town in the Mexican state of Nayarit after he told a Polica Estatal Turstica officer that his girlfriend, Paola, was not responding in their hotel room.

Who is Phil Baroni’s, Girlfriend Paola?

Who Is Phil Baroni’s Girlfriend Paola

Authorities say that they found Paola lying in bed naked but covered with a blanket. She was covered in bruises on her body and face, which made it look like she had been hit many times. When the police showed up, she had no clues.

What Did Baroni Claim?

Phil Baroni, who used to fight in the UFC, is accused of killing his girlfriend in Mexico. According to Tribuna de la Bahia, Baroni, 46, was arrested in San Pancho, in the state of Nayarit, on Sunday. He had called local police and told them that his girlfriend Paolo was unconscious in their room at the Jardn San Pancho Hotel.

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Paola was found naked in a bed with a blanket over her. She had cuts and bruises on her face and body, but she showed no signs of life. Baroni told the police that he and Paola had a fight about her having an affair while they were drinking beer and smoking pot.

Who Is Phil Baroni’s Girlfriend Paola

He is said to have grabbed her and thrown her into the shower, where she fell and hit her head several times. He said that he helped her get back to bed and put a blanket over her because she told him she was cold. After getting her a beer and some cigarettes, he came back to find her sleeping and tried to wake her up.

The MMA fighter was arrested, and the Municipal Administrative Court of Valle de Banderas is holding him in jail. The cause of death won’t be known until an autopsy is done, and murder charges could come after that.

During his nearly 20-year career as a middleweight, Baroni fought in a lot of different MMA promotions. These included UFC, Pride FC, Strikeforce, ICON, EliteXC, ONE, DREAM, and Bellator.

Phil Baroni’s Wife Angela & Children

Since October 21st, 2008, Phil and Angela Baroni have been blissfully married. The two got married in a magnificent ceremony at Lake in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Many celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives secret, but the marriage of hip-hop singer Baroni and his wife has remained a source of speculation.

Who Is Phil Baroni’s Girlfriend Paola

Despite being a well-known person in the music world, Baroni has kept his wife out of the spotlight while he is at his finest.

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As a result, it is uncertain whether they are still together or have divorced. It’s widely assumed that Phil Baroni, a well-known professional mixed martial artist, has a child. However, no evidence or records indicate that Phil Baroni is the father of a child.

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