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Get to Know MTV Classic Presents Clone High Season 2 Release Date and More Updates!

Clone High is an adult animated science fiction sitcom that is sometimes called Clone High USA in the United States. It was made by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Bill Lawrence. The show is about a high school where the students are clones of famous people from history.

In the main cast, young versions of Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra, and JFK are shown. The show is also a joke about teen dramas like Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills, 90210. Each episode is called a “very special episode.”

Is there going to be a second season of Clone High? When does the show on HBO Max start? Fans are wondering if the show will have another season now that season 1 is over. In this post, we’ve put together what we know about the next season so far.

What is Clone High About?

The world’s greatest minds have been cloned and are now attending high school together. It was essentially a parody of typical high school dramas but set at a school for historical clones such as Cleopatra and Gandhi.

Clone High Season 2 Release Date

A modern reimagining of the Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence hit series about clones of historical figures. As executive producers and writers, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller return. Bill Lawrence serves as executive producer, and Erica Rivinoja (“South Park,” “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”), who wrote the original “Clone High,” serves as showrunner.

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MTV Entertainment Studios is in charge of the production of CLONE HIGH. The series’ final episode was released in the United States on July 18, 2020. Is “Clone High” returning for a second season? When will the next season of Clone High premiere? Find out below!

When Will Clone High Season 2 Be Released?

In 2016, the show was shown on MTV Classic. When it first came out, critics had mixed feelings about Clone High, but since then, it has been praised by critics and gained a cult following.

Clone High Season 2 Release Date

On July 2, 2020, it was announced that the original creators of the show, Lord, Miller, and Lawrence, would be back to make a new season of the show. On February 10, 2021, it was announced that HBO Max had ordered two seasons of the revival, which will start airing in 2023.

Who is in the Cast of Clone High?

  • Abe Lincoln voiced by Will Forte
  • Joan of Arc voiced by Nicole Sullivan
  • Gandhi voiced by Michael McDonald
  • Cleopatra Smith voiced by Christa Miller
  • JFK voiced by Chris Miller
  • Principal Scudworth voiced by Phil Lord
  • Mr. Lynn Butlertron voiced by Chris Miller


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