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Will There Be a Sequel to The Roundup?

The 2022 South Korean film “The Roundup,” directed by Lee Sang Yong, is now available on the world’s leading Chinese dramas app. This action-packed crime thriller, which has a running time of 1h46m and was released by Capelight Pictures, has been highly successful and has garnered a 7.0/10 rating on IMDb from 5,800 reviewers.

It also generated tremendous box office takings of 2,859 domestically and 1,154,047 internationally.

In addition, the flick has won multiple awards, such as Best Technical and Audience Choice awards. This edge-of-your-seat blockbuster film is a must-watch for fans of Asian dramas and action-packed films.

The likelihood of a sequel being made is high, considering the success of the film and the interest of the cast and crew.

Let’s pull back the curtains and check out all the details!

“The Roundup” is a thrilling 2022 South Korean film directed by Lee Sang Yong. This action-packed crime thriller has a 1h46m running time and was released by Capelight Pictures. Written by Ma Dong-Seok (who is the star of the show), Min-Seong Kim (screenplay), and Sang-Yong Lee (adapted screenplay), it’s an adrenaline-loaded rush from the get-go. A powerful action film, it stars the inimitable Ma Dong-Seok, a.k.a. Don Lee as the lead detective and superstar of Korean action films.

The Roundup follows the story of Detective Ma Seok Do, a no-nonsense deputy head of Geumcheon Police’s Major Crimes Unit, and his team leader Captain Jeon II Man, as they embark on a seemingly easy assignment to repatriate a South Korean criminal who the Vietnamese police force has apprehended. However, their mission turns dangerous when an ex-pat South Korean named Kang Hae Sang starts brutally killing holidaymakers, throwing South Korean tourists visiting Vietnam into a panic.

Ma Seok Do and Jeon Il Man, determined to track Kang Hae Sang down, face an uphill battle as their often-unconventional policing methods are met with resistance in Vietnam. Kang Hae Sang proves to be a cunning and formidable opponent, making their task of stopping the murders and putting the killer behind bars a difficult one. The film keeps audiences on the edge with an intense plot and a high-stakes situation. This movie is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and action films.

What’s the Likelihood of a Sequel being Made?

There are plenty of factors that determine whether another sequel is in the works. For example, it depends on various elements, such as the success of the first film, the availability and interest of the cast and crew, and any decisions made by the production company. However, if a sequel is in the works, it will likely be announced by the studio or through official channels such as social media. So, let’s hit the movie circuit to find out how this film performed at the box office to determine the likelihood of a sequel or a similar film being made.

  • The Roundup (IMDb Score) – 7.0/10 from 5,800 reviewers.
  • The Roundup Box Office Takings (Box Office Mojo) – $812, 859 domestic; $101,154,047 International Total.
  • The Roundup (Awards) – Winner Best Technical Award (Blue Dragon Award), Winner Audience Choice Award (Popularity Award), Winner Most Popular Film (Audience Choice Award, Chunsa Film Art Awards), Winner Best New Director (Chunsa Film Art Awards).

Based on the box-office takings, the audience ratings, and the awards this film has racked up, it’s definitely in contention for a sequel, prequel, or spin-off. But will they do it? Will the production studio and the cast get together for another Roundup? To answer this question, it’s worth noting that The Roundup is also known as The Outlaws 2. That means it’s already a sequel! Back in 2017, ‘The Outlaws’ was released to rapturous applause.

That smash-hit sensation generated an IMDb rating of 7.2/10 from 9,100 reviewers. The film, written and directed by Yoon-Seong Kang, was a sensation in Korea and worldwide. So much so that The Roundup was released five years later. It’s worth pointing out that The Outlaws was based on real-life events. It featured intense, action-packed scenes as rival gangs (Chinese/Korean) battled it out in turf wars. Ma Dong-Seok was the show’s star, and he was ably assisted by stellar acting from Jo Jae-Yoon, Yoon Kye-sang, and Gwi-Hwa Choi.

You can bet your bottom dollar that once the dust settles and a new storyline is formulated, The Roundup will serve as a springboard for the next South Korean blockbuster, likely featuring South Korean and Chinese gangs. And SoKo’s most bankable star – Detective Ma Seok Do – a.k.a. Don Lee will be leading the investigation.

Get ready to roll!

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