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Does Ruth Die in Ozark? Major Shocking Scene Explained Inside

The last episodes of the show pick up after the explosive end of Ozark season 4, part 1. In that episode, Ruth was out for revenge after a close family member was killed. Once again, Ozark’s last seven episodes are full of twists and turns, including a reunion with a former main character and many other big moments.

But most fans probably cared most about what would happen to Ruth in the last episode. Ruth is a fan-favorite character in Ozark, and some people are wondering if she died or if she lived after Camila shot her. Now, one of the people who made the show has given us an answer.

Does Ruth Die in Ozark?

When it came to deciding the destiny of Ruth Langmore, the Ozark writers’ room was split down the middle, according to showrunner Chris Mundy. “There was a discussion, “Mundy explained to TV Line. “Half of the writers, maybe a little less than half, thought it was great to hear Ruth was out there in the world doing well.”

Unfortunately, the other half won in the end: Ruth was killed off in the final minutes of Ozark’s series finale. According to Mundy, the reason for not giving Ruth a happy ending was because it didn’t feel honest “if everyone just gets off too easily.”

Does Ruth Die in Ozark

The showrunner admits that there is an “innate cynicism” in having the underdog (in this case, Ruth) pay the ultimate price while the Byrdes walk away unscathed. “Capitalism cannot function unless there is a winner and a loser,” Mundy stated.

And there’s a degree to which the Langmores are going to be the losers of that equation, while somebody else builds their wealth. The Byrdes arrived and climbed their way up on the backs of people like the Langmores, and they symbolize many people. There’s something cynical about it, but there’s also something very, very true about it.

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So we were attempting to write into that reality.” Because the last moments of Ozark didn’t entirely establish whether the bullet that hit Ruth’s chest killed her, Mundy was asked if she was actually dead, and he answered, “I’m sorry; she totally, absolutely is.”

Why Does Ruth Die in Season 4 of Ozark?

Camila shoots Ruth because she went through with her plan to kill Javi for killing Wyatt. Ruth’s own plan to get back at someone made her the target of a different plan to get back at someone. Eye for eye, but we didn’t want to see this eye.

Does Ruth Die in Ozark

Ruth’s death was caused by a mix of bad luck and questionable decisions, but that’s a more philosophical way of looking at it. It’s too bad that Ruth couldn’t rise above her situation and survive the (for lack of a better word) curse on her family.

Who Portrays Ruth in Stranger Things?

Julia Garner

Julia Garner was born in the United States on February 1, 1994. She is best known for playing Ruth Langmore on Ozark, a crime drama on Netflix (2017–2022). She has won a Golden Globe Award and three Primetime Emmy Awards, among other things.

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Garner also had parts in the FX drama series The Americans (2015–2018), the Netflix miniseries Maniac (2018), and the Bravo true crime series Dirty John (2017).


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In 2022, she played Anna Sorokin in the Netflix miniseries Inventing Anna. For this role, she was nominated for another Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

She has starred in the movies Grandma (2015) and The Assistant (2019). She has also been in Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014).

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