Next in Fashion Season 2: Set to Release in March 2023 | Check Official Teaser

Next in Fashion Season 2

Fans of the fashion industry are thrilled that the show Next in Fashion is coming back for a second season. When the show first came out, it was suddenly canceled, which surprised a lot of people given how well it had done. The first season had 10 episodes and got good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, so it came as a surprise when the show was canceled.

In the first season of the show, big names in fashion like Tommy Hilfiger, Christopher Kane, Eva Chen, and Kerby Jean Raymond all made appearances. Fans can’t wait to find out which famous people will be in the show’s upcoming second season. What we know so far about the show’s second season is listed below.

When Will Season 2 of Next in Fashion Come Out?

Netflix’s fashion design competition series is returning after a three-year hiatus, with a new season premiering on March 3, 2023.

The Plot of Season 2 of Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion Season 2

During the first season of the show, a number of famous designers competed to show who is the best at what they do. It gave 18 fashion designers a chance to show off their skills, and the final winner and each of the other designers got $250,000.

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Minju Kim was later named the winner of the show and got a one-time payment. She thought that the designer got the happy ending she deserved when she was able to sell her beautiful creations.

We don’t know which famous people will be on the show in the second season, but we do know that the competition will be just as tough. These are some of the changes we expect to see before the second season of the show airs. The winning price, however, could change depending on the producers of the show.

Who is in the Cast of Season 2 of Next in Fashion?

Tan France, a well-known fashion designer, and Alexa Chung, a British TV host, were the hosts of the first season of the show. The competition had 18 designers take part, but only one of them won. It’s been said that Chung won’t be a co-host of the show again because Gigi Hadid will take her place.

Next in Fashion Season 2

Fans think that the 26-year-old supermodel will take Chung’s place because she has become close with France, just like Chung did with the last host. She has been in charge of Project Runway before, so this is not the first time she has been a co-host. The designers who will be featured in the second season have not been announced yet, but they will be.

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