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Viking Wolf 2: Release Date | Here’s What We Know About Netflix’s Sequel

If you like scary movies about werewolves, you might want to check out Viking Wolf, a Norwegian thriller that has just been added to Netflix. It tells the story of a young teen named Thale who meets a lycanthrope and has a pretty bad time with him.

The end of the movie isn’t very clear, so it leaves the door open for a second one. Will there be a sequel to Viking Wolf? Or will you be sad when the next full moon comes and you have to bay at it? Here’s what we know about a sequel film.

Will There Be a Viking Wolf 2?

The first movie ends in a way that leaves room for a second one. It seems likely that the ending was left open on purpose so that the story that was started here could continue. But at the time this was written, there was no news about a sequel to Viking Wolf.

Viking Wolf 2

This isn’t a surprise, since Viking Wolf just came out. Before making a decision about a sequel, the people in charge at Netflix will probably look at how many people watched it and how good the reviews were. If information about a sequel comes out in the next few days or weeks, we will add it to this article.

When Will Viking Wolf 2 Be Released?

With no official release date or even knowledge of a sequel in the works, it is difficult to speculate on a timeline, but it appears that at least a year would be allowed for filming, and with an effects-laden film, more time could be added for post-production, implying that a sequel would not be on the table until mid to late 2024.

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What Could Be the Plot Viking Wolf 2?

It’s easy to see how a sequel could start since Thale is probably still alive and howling somewhere. I also think that Arthur might be able to come back if a second movie is made. There is also a good chance that Liv tried to save her daughter instead of killing her.

Viking Wolf 2

Could Liv have hidden Thale somewhere to save her and help her get better? Aside from Thale, there were a lot of people hurt during the werewolf rampage, so there is a chance that other infected people could also turn into wolves.

Liv already feels bad about what happened, so a sequel could be about how she tries to stop the curse and either find a cure for lycanthropy or get rid of the wolves for good. The sequel could end with a final battle between Liv, Jenny Arthur, and Thale, who could be the leader of a pack of wolves. This would be a fitting and epic way to end the story.

Who is in the Cast of Viking Wolf?

The film stars Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne (Utøya: July 22) as Thale; Liv Mjönes (Midsommar) as Thale’s mom, Liv; Vidar Magnussen (Norsemen) as Thale’s stepdad, Arthur; Mia Fosshaug Laubacher as Thale’s sister, Jenny; Sjur Vatne Brean (Delete Me) as Thale’s friend, Jonas; and Silje Øksland Krohne (The Painting) as Elin.

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What Happened at the End of Viking Wolf?

Viking Wolf 2

As things get worse in the town, Thale has started a violent werewolf campaign to scare people. Thale kills some poor people on the bus in a fit of bloody rage, leaving no one alive. But she seems to recognize and spare her younger sister Jenny, so at the end of the third act, Jenny is still alive.

Thale has started a violent campaign of terror as a werewolf, but she seems to only know and protect her younger sister Jenny. Mum Liv is ready with a gun and a silver bullet to stop her wolf daughter in her tracks, and now that Thale has been put to sleep, it looks like her fate is sealed.

Is There a Trailer for Viking Wolf Season 2?

Right now, the official trailer of Viking Wolf Season 2 is yet to be released. Until then, you can check the trailer for Season 1 below:

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