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Does Ash Die in Euphoria? Find Out What Happened to Him in Finale

The cops paid a long-overdue visit to Fez and Ashtray in the Euphoria Season 2 finale, but no one could have foreseen how events would unfold, let alone the tragic end. At the start of the series, it was revealed that Ash had killed Mouse (played by Meeko Gattuso) the drug dealer Fez (Angus Cloud) owed money to with a hammer, and as expected, people began to wonder where he was.

In the end, Mouse’s body was discovered, and all fingers were pointed at Fez and Ash. Everything you need to know about the young guy who played Ash in Euphoria and his fate may be found in Newsweek.

Does Ash Die in Euphoria?

Unfortunately, it appears that Ash died in the Euphoria Season 2 finale. With the authorities on the hunt for those guilty of Mouse’s death, things were bound to get worse when Custer (Tyler Chase), Faye’s (Chloe Cherry) lover, became a police informant.

Custer had volunteered to join the sting operation to arrest Fez and Ash, and after immediately realizing what was going on, Ash opted to arm himself with a knife. Ash decided to act once it became evident that Custer was recording their entire conversation and Faye’s attempts to implicate Laurie for Mouse’s death failed.

Does Ash Die in Euphoria

Ash only understands how to cope with problems in one way: through violence. He stabbed Custer in the neck, and Fez muffled his screams so the cops couldn’t hear what was going on. The last words the cops would have heard were Fez screaming, “Ash, don’t!”

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Fez, covered in blood, told Ash to wash his hands and flee, claiming he would take the blame for Custer’s death, but Ash had other intentions. Instead, he took all of the guns in the house and locked himself in the bathroom, bracing himself for a gunfight with the cops, who were about to raid the place.

Finally, a red laser was seen aimed at Ash’s skull as he stared Fez in the eye for the last time. A low gunshot was heard seconds later, and the sound of someone’s body falling was muffled. However, Ash’s death was not depicted on screen, giving fans hope that he is still alive.

In Euphoria, Who Plays Ash?

Does Ash Die in Euphoria

Ash is played by Javon “Wanna” Walton, a 15-year-old actor and boxer who is on the rise. Walton is best known for his role as Grant Bishop in Amazon Prime’s Utopia, where he starred with Rainn Wilson of The Office.

He will star with Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming superhero thriller Samaritan as Sam Clearly, and he just joined the cast of The Umbrella Academy Season 3 as well. Walton is a boxer who does it for fun. He is currently training for the Summer Olympics in 2024.

Where Can I Watch Euphoria?

Seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria can be watched right now on Netflix.


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