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Bad Monkey Release Date: A New Apple Tv Show Set to Premiere in 2023


A new Apple TV show called “Bad Monkey” is set to start sometime this year. The show was made by Bill Lawrence. It is based on a book by Carl Hiaasen of the same name. The show is about a detective who loses his job and takes another one, but when something strange happens, he is pulled back into the detective world.

The new show is being made by Warner Bros. and Doozer Productions, and Apple Tv will be in charge of getting it to viewers. Here is all the other information you need about the upcoming crime drama.

When Will Apple Tv Show Called “Bad Monkey” Be Released?

We don’t yet know when the new series will be out. Early in 2021, Apple got the order for a series and said they would make a crime drama with ten episodes. It was said that the show would come out before the end of 2022, when filming began in February 2022.

Bad Monkey Release Date

Now that it’s 2023, the show might come out early or in the middle of 2023. The show will only be on Apple TV, and you will have to pay for a subscription to watch it all at once.

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What Could Be the Plot of Bad Monkey?

The story is about Detective Andrew Yancy, who is demoted. He wants to be a restaurant inspector because he can’t do what he loves anymore. But if a traveler finds a severed hand, he or she needs to use their detective skills.

Yancy doesn’t know that each of the upcoming cases will be different. He will be at the center of a case that is motivated by greed and a plot. He will be in charge of settling disagreements between cities and towns in Florida and the Bahamas.

Who Will Appear in the Cast of Bad Monkey?

Vince Vaughn plays Andre Yancy, the detective who is the main character of the show. The actors have been in a number of movies and TV shows, like Swingers and Rudy. In the new show, he will play an investigator who gets demoted to an inspector in a hotel after a scandal.

Michelle Monaghan will play Bonnie, the woman who has a history of violence (Messiah). Jodie Turner-Smith plays the role of Dragon Queen, who is an Obeah practitioner who lives in the Bahamas (The Acolyte).

Eve, played by Meredith Hagner, was one of the victims, along with Christopher (Rob Delaney from The Man Who Fell to Earth), Rosa (Natalie Martinez from Ordinary Joe), Yaya (L. Scott Caldwell), and Rogelio (John Ortiz).

Bad Monkey Release Date

Two of the show’s regular cast members are Charlotte Lawrence, who plays recovering addict Caitlin, and Alex Moffat, who plays real estate mogul Evan Shook.

When Did Filming Start?

In December 2018, Warner Bros. Television and Bill Lawrence’s Doozer Productions signed a five-year deal worth $8 million. In August 2021, two studios announced that they were making Bad Monkey, a 10-episode drama series based on Carl Hiaasen’s 2013 novel of the same name.

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Vince Vaughn would star, and Apple TV+ would distribute the show. The first scenes were shot in February 2022, under the title Marcel. The shooting happened in Miami and the Florida Keys. Duval Street in Key West was one place where the movie was shot.

Is There a Trailer for Bad Monkey Available?

The trailer for the new show hasn’t come out yet, and we don’t know when it will. The order for the series came in 2021, and the trailer could come out this year or in 2023. You can expect a sneak peek of the new show before the end of the year or early in the new year.

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