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Brian Austin Green Criticises Ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil’s Claim That She Raised Their Son Kassius “Alone.”


Brian Austin Green is angry with Vanessa Marcil, who used to be his girlfriend. When she said that she had raised their 20-year-old son Kassius by herself after they broke up in 2003, the actor didn’t hold back.

Vanessa said this in a recent Q&A on her Instagram Story, in response to a fan’s question about how the ex-couple shares custody of their children: “We didn’t & don’t co-parent. I raised my son by myself.”

On February 24, Brian wrote with a picture of the actress’s answer “So, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to read on social media that a woman who is 50 or older keeps lying like she is still in high school. She has never done what she said she would do. It’s easy to talk.”

Brian, who has three sons with his ex-wife Megan Fox and a 7-month-old son named Zane with his girlfriend Sharna Burgess, said that he did most of the parenting in their relationship.

“Kass’s mom wasn’t around much, so Megan and I worked hard to give him a full childhood,” he wrote. “I think this is why she now posts so much about him. When will she leave me alone?”

After meeting on the set of the TV show Beverly Hills in 1999, Brian and Vanessa, who is 54, began dating. In 2002, they took in Kassius.

Brian Austin Green and anessa Marcil

Almost a decade after they broke up, in January 2012, Vanessa sued Brian for not paying back loans. After a few months, her case against the former star of “Anger Management” was thrown out because the time limit had passed.

In 2018, the drama between the two made headlines again when Vanessa said that Brian and his then-wife Megan had “completely cut Kass out of their lives” and that her son was “truly heartbroken” over the alleged situation. At the time, Brian and Megan didn’t say anything to Media.

But it seems like Brian and Vanessa’s relationship has changed in recent years. Vanessa was so happy that Kassius was “visiting his dad in Canada” in July 2019, and she cheered for Brian when he was on the 30th season of Dancing With the Stars more than two years later.

In a September 2021 post, she showed a picture of Kassius in a car on his way to a live taping of Dancing with the Stars “I’m going to see my dad. #TeamGreen.” Media tried to get Vanessa’s rep to say something about Brian’s latest comment, but they didn’t respond.

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