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The Truth Revealed About Jessica’s Dad Joe Simpson’s Sexuality!


Jessica Simpson is used to being in the news. After all, the singer and fashion designer has been in the news since she was a teenager and thrust into the spotlight. Simpson’s new memoir, Open Book, came out in February.

It was full of shocking truths about her life. Joe Simpson, her father, is a person whose name comes up a lot in the book. Joe is not only her father, but he was also her and her sister Ashlee’s manager for a long time.

And about Joe Simpson’s sexuality, rumors have been going around for years, making fans all over the world wonder the same thing. This article will talk about questions such as “Is Joe Simpson gay?”

Joe Simpson: Is He Gay?

Page Six says that when the LA Times asked Jess about her dad’s sexuality, she said that it wasn’t her story to tell and that they don’t talk about it together. Still, rumors have been going around for a long time.

In 2014, just three days before her wedding to Eric Johnson, Joe said that he would bring a male model as his “plus one” to the event. He took a lot of pictures of them for his new photography business. Fox News says that before seeing the bigger picture, Jessica told her dad that this wasn’t an invited guest.

Is Joe Simpson Gay

Jessica writes in her book: “I told myself that I needed to embrace my father for who he was while he sorted it out in real-time.”

Nonetheless, there had been suspicions of homosexuality prior to Jess and Eric’s wedding. This occurred after RadarOnline released a piece in 2012 in which Bryce Chandler Hill, then 21, boasted of having an ongoing connection with Joe while married to Jessica’s mother, Tina Ann Drew.

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Joe adamantly denied the claims, and friends argued that Bryce was using Joe to gain prominence. Joe felt forced to hide that he was gay and that this was the cause of his and Tina’s breakup.

What is the Relationship Status of Joe Simpson?

Is Joe Simpson Gay

Joe and Tina Simpson got married in 1978 when Joe was 20 years old and Tina was only 18. They’ve been married for 34 years and have two kids: Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson. In 2012, Joe filed for divorce from Tina after being married for over 30 years.

There Were Rumours That Simpson Was Having an Affair With a Young Male Model

At the time of his divorce, there were rumors that Simpson was having an affair with Bryce Chandler Hill, a 21-year-old aspiring model. The two are said to have been having an affair for more than a year. A mutual friend of Jessica and Ashlee is said to have set them up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Joe Simpson Gay?

Of course, like with many celebrities, there are allegations that he is gay, but they are just that: rumors. It’s tough to determine with certainty unless Andi confirms or rejects it.

How Old is Joe Simpson?

Jessica Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, was born on February 18, 1958, making him 64 years old now.

How Tall is Joe Simpson?

Joe Simpson stands at 6 Feet 3 Inches tall.

What is the Net Worth of Joe Simpson?

As per caknowledge, his net worth is estimated as $260 Million.

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