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We Have a Ghost Ending Explained: Will There Be a Sequel of the Netflix’s Show?


We Have a Ghost, a movie about a haunted house, came out on Netflix. It stars Anthony Mackie, David Harbour, and Jennifer Coolidge, who was in White Lotus. The story is about a family who moves into a house and finds out that it is haunted.

But there are still some things about the ending that needs to be explained. During the movie, there is a plot twist that makes people both excited and confused. What was wrong with Ernest? Is there going to be a second season of We Have a Ghost? Here is the explanation of We Have A Ghost’s ending.

We Have a Ghost: Plot Summary

The picture begins with a terrified family escaping a residence. The same house is later sold to another family, with no mention of the occurrence. The new owners are Kevin, Frank, Melanie, and Fulton Presley. As the others try their hardest to make Kevin feel at ease, he is plainly averse to any attempts to cheer him up.

Kevin befriends his next-door neighbor, Joy Yushino, and subsequently discovers the house’s mystery. The location is haunted by a ghost. Despite its best attempts, nothing succeeds because Kevin claims his personal life is even frightening.
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We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

He assumed the ghost’s name was Ernest after noticing the name ‘Ernest’ on its outfit. He tells everyone in his family about the otherworldly presence. Ernest develops a friendship with Kevin. Frank’s first thought after learning the truth is to upload the video proof to the internet in order to gain views and earn money.

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Ernest has no recall of his background or what happened to him, as a result of some past trauma, Kevin realizes. He and Joy try to figure out where he came from. Meanwhile, the video becomes a huge success, and Ernest develops a fan base. This even resulted in a visit from Judy Romano, a television spirit medium who discovers spirits.

She believes it’s all a ruse that Ernest is nothing more than a hologram. Kevin successfully spooks Judy after giving her a pep talk on how to be scarier. Dr. Leslie Monroe, a formerly discredited CIA operative, was working on capturing spirits. She approaches the officials to resume the operation after encountering Ernest.

Ernest’s identity is discovered by Kevin and Joy. The real individual does not resemble him and is still alive. He had previously lived in the Presleys’ home. They encourage Ernest to leave the house to see him, realizing that he must have answers.
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They discover more evidence at a bar where there is a photograph of the real Ernest with the ghost before his death. While walking outside, Ernest observes a female that reminds him of another girl. “Junebug,” he says as he approaches her.

She becomes terrified and yells, and everyone in the room records it on tape. This allows Leslie and the CIA to serve a warrant on the ghost. They approach the Presleys but are unable to locate Ernest. During the investigation, Kevin and Joy become closer.

They eventually find Ernest, who informs them that the ghost is Randy, the spouse of Ernest’s wife’s sister, Evelyn. Evelyn died shortly after their daughter was born in June. Randy arrived at their door and asked them to look after her for a while. He never returned and, according to Ernest, drank himself to death.

We Have a Ghost: Ending Explained in Detail

So, What Happened to Randy? Why Did Ernest Kill Him?

Leslie is pleased because she has finally captured a ghost after years of trying. But, she is concerned when the CIA suggests doing anything they want with him now that he is supposedly dead.
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Randy discovers a bird badge, which brings back more memories.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained

He recalls June being kidnapped by Ernest’s wife, Ramona, as he assaults Ernest from behind with a bird statuette. He realizes he is not the culprit. Randy is able to flee after Leslie saves him from the lab personnel.

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Ernest appears at the Presleys’ home. He believes they are on to him and wishes to silence them, despite the fact that they were unaware of the reality and Randy had forgotten everything. He admits that Ramona and he might have children. It was Ramona’s plan to get rid of Randy after Evelyn died, and he carried it out.

Is Ernest Still Alive?

Ernest pursues the entire family with the intention of killing them. He also claims that June no longer speaks to them and is presumably aware of what transpired. Ernest gains the upper hand on Kevin and is about to murder him when Randy steps in.

He beats Ernest up in rage at their activities. When Frank arrives, he discovers Ernest has risen and is preparing to shoot Kevin. He charges at him and throws him out the window, killing him. The Presleys are relieved to be safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Film We Have a Ghost Good?

We Have a Ghost is ultimately a delightful, touching story that sticks to all the necessary moments.

Where Was We Have a Ghost Filmed?


The filming of “We Have a Ghost” took place in Donaldsonville.

Will There Be a Second Season of We Have a Ghost?

As of now, neither Netflix nor the film’s creators have issued a statement regarding the sequel to ‘We Have a Ghost.’

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