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Who is Sidney La Forge in Star Trek Picard Season 3?


In the third and final season of the American TV show Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc Picard meets up with the former crew of the USS Enterprise, who are being hunted by a mysterious new enemy named Vadic.

The season is made by CBS Studios, Secret Hideout, Weed Road Pictures, and Roddenberry Entertainment, and Terry Matalas is in charge of the show.

In the first episode, when Picard got on the ship, he met a girl named Sidney La Forge. Who is Sidney La Forge in Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard? Read this article to find out.

Who is Sidney La Forge in Star Trek Picard Season 3?

Ensign Sidney La Forge was a human Starfleet officer in the year 25. Geordi La Forge had Sidney La Forge in the late 24th century. Sidney joined Starfleet, just like her father had done.

Who is Sidney La Forge in Star Trek Picard Season 3?

Sidney met Jean-Luc Picard and William T. Riker at some point when she was young. La Forge got the nickname “Crash La Forge” because she crashed a shuttle twice while she was at Starfleet Academy.

After La Forge graduated from the Academy, he was put in charge of the ship’s controls on the USS Titan-A, which was led by Captain Liam Shaw. When Admiral Picard and Captain Riker got on the Titan-A, La Forge was so excited to see Picard again that she couldn’t hold it in.

Who Plays Sidney La Forge in Star Trek Picard Season 3?

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut is an actress who played Ensign Sidney La Forge in “The Next Generation” and “Disengage” from the third season of Star Trek: Picard.

Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, to Leslie Sharpe Chestnut and Charles S. Chestnut IV.

Chestnut went to Northwest School of the Arts, where he studied theatre as his main subject and dance as his minor.

In 2015, she got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

More About Sidney La Forge!

Geordi La Forge was the name of Sidney’s father. Geordi also told Captain William T. Riker about Sidney. He called her a “speed demon” and told him about the times her shuttle crashed at Starfleet Academy.

Sidney says that La Forge taught her that there is no physical law that can’t be used as a weapon or broken by another physical law. Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut played the role of Sidney La Forge.

Terry Matalas says that she didn’t want to build ships like her sister Alandra La Forge did. Instead, she wanted to fly them. The Star Trek: Picard Logs say that Captain Shaw was in charge when the Titan-A was launched in 2402.

Terry Matalas says this was wrong and that the ship was actually launched in 2401. So, La Forge must have been put in charge of the Titan-A around then or soon after.

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