Is Hamish Macdonald Really a Gay? You Won’t Believe What We Found Out!

Is Hamish Macdonald Gay?

Do you know, On February 20, 2008, in London, Macdonald won the “Young Journalist of the Year” award from the Royal Television Society?

Later, Hamish moved to Al Jazeera's London office, where he was also the UK correspondent for the Australian morning show Sunrise. In June 2010, he quit Al Jazeera English.

Recently news about Hamish Macdonald spreading very quickly that he is gay. But Is Hamish Macdonald Really Gay? Let's find out in this article.

Who is Hamish Macdonald?

Hamish Macdonald is a journalist and TV news anchor from Australia. He is the host of the Australian news show “Q+A,” which airs on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

He has been a foreign correspondent for Network Ten and a host for ABC News 24 and Al Jazeera English in the past. Macdonald has won a number of awards for his journalism, including a Walkley Award for his coverage of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai.

He has also been named one of the “100 Women of Influence” by the Australian Financial Review. Hamish worked as a producer at the regional headquarters of Al Jazeera English in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the beginning of 2006.

Al Jazeera English is the English-language sister channel of the Arabic network Al Jazeera. In the summer of 2006, he got a job as a newsreader at Al Jazeera English's Kuala Lumpur bureau.

Is Hamish Macdonald Gay?

Hamish Macdonald is gay, that's for sure. Even though he won an award for being a gay journalist in 2008, it wasn't until June 2019 that Hamish Macdonald came out as gay and said he was dating Jacob Fitzroy. He did this at a GQ Gentlemen's Ball in Melbourne.

Is Hamish Macdonald Gay?

The couple walked hand in hand with big smiles on their faces as they got to the event. They had a good time, and Macdonald posted a picture of him and Jacob Fitzroy on Instagram with a heart emoji and the hashtag #GQBall.

Hamish Macdonald's fans went crazy for them and said things like, “Thank you for showing how normal and natural your love for each other is. Simple things like this help people feel like they belong and are accepted by the rest of society.

In 2023, we have covered much news regarding rumors of many celebrities being gay or lesbian such as Carlos Cuevas, Manu Rios, and many more. Hope we are able to find you an answer to your query “Is Hamish Macdonald Gay?”

After Coming Out Gay Effect on Q&A Show!

Hamish, on the other hand, has not been as happy with social media. In 2020, the broadcaster quit all social media sites.

In a January interview with Stellar Magazine, he talked about the criticism he had gotten for hosting Q&A.

“If you sit in the middle of those kinds of arguments at work, you end up taking it from all sides. Hamish had said, “I've never been criticized more for the interviews I've done than I was last year.

Is Hamish Macdonald Gay?

“And the abuse has come from both the left and the right. People on the left don't like it when you ask hard questions of Dan Andrews, and people on the right don't like it when you ask hard questions of the government. I've learned that you can't make everyone happy,” he said.

In July, he announced that he was coming back to The Project. He said that he was “over the moon” to be going back to 10 and “thrilled” to be able to make great local and international content with a “dynamic” group of producers and hosts. It's also great to be going back to the desk with Lisa, Tommy, and all the people I love so much.”

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