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Who is Elia Kane in The Mandalorian?


In previous seasons of The Mandalorian, we caught glimpses of Moff Gideon’s right-hand man, but Katy M.O’Brian, who plays the former Imperial communications officer, takes center stage in season 3 episode 3 of the show, which is called “The Convert.”

Before she showed up in season 3, the character from The Mandalorian would often tell Moff Gideon how his plan to catch Baby Yoda was going.

She was the one who told him that a tracker had been put on Razor Crest and that the Dark Troopers were ready to catch Grogu. She also fought alongside Gideon and other Imperial soldiers when Mando broke into his ship in season 2.

But who is Elia Kane, and what do we learn about her in the most recent season of The Mandalorian? Let us help you understand it.

Who is Elia Kane on The Mandalorian?

The operative we now know as Elia Kane made her first appearance in “Chapter 12: The Siege.” Before that, she was only known as “Comms Officer” because that was her job in Moff Gideon’s Imperial remnant.

From there, she showed up in episodes 14 through 16, usually passing information between Moff Gideon and himself.

She was basically Gideon’s right-hand officer for most of Season 2, even though her title of “communications officer” doesn’t really show how important she was.

Why is Elia Kane on the Planet Coruscant?

When we see Elia Kane again in Season 3, she tells us that her name is Elia Kane, so we no longer have to call her “Comms Officer.” In “The Convert,” Kane is part of a camp on Coruscant for former Imperial officers who have been given a chance to start over.

Who is Elia Kane in The Mandalorian?

There, she and a lot of other former Imperials seem to be learning how to fit into a society that isn’t fascist. Obviously, it seems strange that the New Republic is giving all of these people numbers, which is exactly what the Empire did with stormtroopers. But I’m getting off-topic.

Kane makes friends with Pershing, who she knows from Moff Gideon’s ship, while she is in the amnesty program. Kane slowly gets Pershing to agree that he should keep studying cloning as a way to help the New Republic.

Pershing knows he can’t keep studying the things he started when the Empire told him to, but he thinks his research is important.

Kane takes Pershing on a risky trip to a shipyard where old Imperial ships are stored so that they can get materials for Pershing’s research.

Who Plays Elia Kane on the Mandalorian?


Katy O’Brian plays Elia Kane. She used to be a bodybuilder and martial artist before she became an actor. Since she was last on The Mandalorian, she has become more well-known. In fact, you may have just seen her on the big screen.

Who is Elia Kane in The Mandalorian?

In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, she played the warrior Jentorra from the Quantum Realm. She played Kimball on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Major Sara Grey on Black Lightning, and George on Z Nation.

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