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Jinx Chapter 18 Release Date Revealed: Get Ready for the Next Chapter Thrill!


Jinx is a manhwa that is still being written and drawn by Mingwa. It came out for the first time in 2022 and was published by Lezhin, which also sells it in English. Every ten days after the last chapter, a new chapter is released.

The show has a lot of loyal fans all over the world because of its unique storyline, well-written characters, and beautiful visuals. As the show goes on, fans can’t wait for Jinx Chapter 18 to come out.

In this article, we’ll talk about what we know about when Jinx Chapter 18 Release Date will come out. Scroll down and read the full article to get all details.

What is Jinx All About?

Let’s take a glimpse at what is Jinx All about.  Kim Dan, a physical therapist, has had bad luck ever since he can remember. Dan is running out of choices. His grandmother is sick, loansharks are dangerous, and his old boss is making it almost impossible for him to find work.

When he finally gets hired to treat the highest-paid MMA fighter, Joo Jaekyung, it feels like a dream come true. This is especially true when Joo Jaekyung calls him out for treatment the night before a match and offers him $5,000.

He says he has a “jinx” that needs a certain “treatment,” but Dan isn’t quite ready to help him with it… See, Jaekyung may be a beast in the ring, but he’s even rougher in the bedroom, and Dan isn’t sure he can handle Jaekyung at his most primal.

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Jinx Chapter 18 Release Date!

If you’re a fan of the Jinx manga series, chapter 18’s release is probably something you’re excitedly looking forward to.

Jinx Chapter 18 Release Date

It makes sense that people are looking for information on the release date given the level of anticipation. After the previous chapter, a new chapter is released in serial form every ten days.

The publishing of Jinx manga chapter 18 on April 2, 2023, is conceivable given the release schedule of the preceding chapters. Of course, this is merely a projection, and the real release date may be sooner or later.

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Jinx Chapter 17 Recap!

Jaekyung is likely to learn about Kim Dan’s predicament in Jinx Chapter 17 and fight his tormentors. This will be a significant turning point in their relationship because Jaekyung will finally take on the role of the savior.

Despite being mistreated by Jaekyung, Kim Dan has formed feelings for him while having Stockholm syndrome.

Jaekyung has so far treated Kim Dan with indifference and selfishness, but after witnessing his situation, he might start to show more concern. If he gets into a fight with the loan sharks, he can also run into some issues with the media.

Jinx Chapter 18 Spoilers: What Will Happen Next?

Jinx Chapter 18 will pick up where Chapter 17 left off, with Kim still upset about being attacked in his most private place.

It was a miracle that Jaekyung was there to save him when it was most important.

Kim will be shaken up from the fight at his apartment, so the two will spend some time alone. Kim owed a lot of money, but Jaekyung was kind enough to pay off all of it for him.

But now comes the real challenge, because Kim’s mind is in the worst place. He doesn’t know what’s going on or what happened in the last few hours. Kim’s recovery from his mental illness will lead to another time when he will wonder what Jaekyung is thinking.

He had hurt him, used him, given him a soft hug, and given him another one. He will feel better for a little while and get rid of the thoughts he has been having. And then the two will move on to the exam or Jaekyung.

Where To Read Jinx Chapter 18?

Lezhin Comics will have Jinx Chapter 17 available for reading. I Wish To Be Praised By A Gal Gamer is a series that is comparable to this one. Maybe, you’ll enjoy Reaper Of The Drifting Moon as well. Are you Looking for the spoiler? Sorry folks, As of now, there is not any official spoiler for chapter 18.

To read more Jinx-related articles, Stay tuned with Crossover99.

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