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Boruto Announces “Shippuden” Style Part 2 – A New Era of Ninja Adventure Begins!


Boruto says that the anime will end in March, but a Part 2 in the style of Naruto Shippuden has already been announced.

The first season of the Boruto anime, which has been going on for more than six years, is almost over, and a second season has already been planned. Based on the manga, Boruto’s story is getting close to the time jump that has been hinted at since the first episode. Season 2 will be like Naruto Shippuden from Boruto’s point of view.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will end on March 26, 2023, with episode #293, according to the official accounts and websites for the show. A second season of the anime is already being made and new episodes might not arrive until October 2023 at the very earliest, and is more likely to be a 2024 release.

Fans might be surprised by this since the anime version of Boruto just caught up with the manga after a long series of filler episodes. Part 1 of Boruto is likely to end after the fight between the bad guy Code and the two sworn brothers Boruto and Kawaki. There are only three episodes left.

Boruto’s Announced Part 2 Will Be Similar to Naruto Shippuden

Boruto is not like most other anime shows because it doesn’t have seasons. Instead, each episode is given a number that goes up. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was the first episode of the anime, which came out in March 2017. Boruto: Naruto the Movie came out in August 2015.

The anime is based on the manga, which was written by Masashi Kishimoto and drawn by Mikio Ikemoto. It was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump in May 2016, and then in July 2019 it started appearing in the monthly V Jump.

The reviews for the series have been mixed, with some fans comparing it unfavorably to its predecessor, Naruto, while others still love it even though it has a lot of problems.

boruto part 2 release date

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Fans of anime had trouble with the large number of filler episodes, which was also a problem for Naruto. But now that the end of Part 1 has been announced, Boruto can learn from Naruto and come back in a new, improved form, like Naruto Shippuden.

There are two parts to the first Naruto manga. At the end of the first series, Naruto and Sasuke have their first epic battle at the Valley of the End.

After that, the story skips ahead two and a half years to the second part, which was turned into a different anime called Naruto Shippuden.

Since the time jump in the manga version of Boruto is also coming up soon, the anime will follow the same pattern.

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Part 1 Of Boruto Will End Before The Timeskip

boruto part 2 release date

The main difference seems to be that the two parts of Naruto split up at the same time in both the manga and the anime, but that won’t be the case with Boruto.

Since there are only three more episodes, Part 1 of the anime will end after Naruto and Code fight in the Konoha woods. This fight happens before the time jump, which hasn’t happened yet in the manga.

This could mean that the Boruto manga is nowhere near its end. If that’s true, then Part 2 of the anime won’t have much to work with.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 2 will be watched by fans of the series to see if it lives up to the standards set by Naruto Shippuden. The last three episodes of Part 1 will air on Crunchyroll every Sunday until March 26.

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