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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 130 Release Date: Will Ijin and Sophia Get Closer?


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 130 Release Date: The manhwa Mercenary Enrollment is about the military. It was written by YC and drawn by Rak Hyun. It tells the story of Ijin Yu, a former child mercenary who moves to a war-torn country for ten years and then comes back to Korea.

He tries to live a normal life as a high school student but soon finds himself in a lot of trouble. He also meets Sophia, who is the daughter of a foreign president and has a crush on him.

The most recent chapter of Mercenary Enrollment came out on March 21, 2023. It was chapter 129. So, when will Mercenary Enrollment chapter 130 Release Date come out, and what will happen after that? Here are some details and hints about what will happen in the next chapter.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 130 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

Chapter 130 of Mercenary Enrollment will come out on April 2, 2023. The manhwa is always released on the first, eleventh, and twenty-first of each month. If you sign up for Naver Comics or Lezhin or buy coins, you can read the new chapters.

Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 130 Release Date

As these people try to stay alive, the story is full of action, suspense, and drama. Fans of the series can’t wait for Chapter 130 to come out because it looks like it will have more of the exciting plot twists and character growth that readers have come to expect. Both paper copies and digital copies of the chapter will be for sale.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 129 Recap! 

In Chapter 129 of Mercenary Enrollment, Ijin and Sophia continue their tour of Korea’s sights with Sophia’s brother and a group of bodyguards. Sophia tries to get closer to Ijin by giving him cotton candy and asking him about his family, but Ijin has no idea how she feels about him. Sophia’s brother also tries to help by telling Ijin to treat her more like a friend and less like a boss.

Yuna calls Ijin and tells him that someone is after him and has been keeping track of where he goes. She tells him to watch out and be careful. She also tells him that the person after him is related to Ijin’s ex-boyfriend and Jay’s rival, Song Myungshin. Ijin doesn’t know why Song is after him or what he wants from him.

At the end of the chapter, Ijin gets a text message from a number she doesn’t know that says, “I found you.” He looks around and sees a man with a phone in his hand who is wearing a hat and sunglasses. Ijin knows he is in trouble and gets ready to fight back.

Spoilers for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 130!

Chapter 130 of Mercenary Enrollment will probably have more action and romance as Ijin and Sophia face a new threat. Ijin will have to deal with the person who wants to kill him and find out why.

He will also have to keep Sophia safe and protect her from harm. Sophia will try to help Ijin and be more open about how she feels about him. She will also have to deal with the trauma she went through when she was taken away.

Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 130 Release Date

Will Ijin and Sophia be able to get past their problems and grow closer to each other? Or will someone stop them from being happy? Find out in chapter 130 of Mercenary Enrollment!

How to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 129?

You can read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 129 online in different ways. One option is to go to the official website of Naver Comics or Lezhin, where you can buy a subscription or coins to read the chapter.

You can also go to MangaKatana, MangaSect, or other free manga websites that host the chapter. But these sites might not have the official translation or the most recent updates. They might also have ads or viruses.

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