Berserk Chapter 372 Latest Updates and Release Date Speculations! Get Ready to Unleash the Beast?

Berserk Chapter 372

If you've been reading this berserk manga series, you know how hard it is for the authors to keep putting out new chapters.

The reason is that they have a lot of work to do. Their team is more interested in the anime series than the manga, so this will take a long time.

And this doesn't mean they won't release Berserk Chapter 372. They will release it, but the whooping will take place in April or May. Aside from that, their teams are busy with a lot of things, so the show is more interesting than the manga. Check out my previous post on the Berserk anime for more information on both.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Berserk Chapter 372 release date will be officially announced in May, and the release date will be known by or before May 11, 2023. The author says that the official release date for Berserk chapter 372 has not yet been set.

However, according to reports, it should come out around the middle of May 2023. But remember to always go back to crossover99. So you don't miss the Berserk 372 update.

They probably take a break, so it could be in May or June. But they didn't say when so who knows?

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Berserk Chapter 372: What to Expect

I have a feeling that the next chapter will continue to show how Griffith and the Falconia country are changing, which is something we've been waiting a long time to see.

In the most recent chapter, we also see that Griffith's army has another general who looks scary, and we hope to learn more about them in the next chapter.

Sonya, who is jealous of Casca, will probably ask Griffith why he brought her if there is really no reason. If there is a reason, we can probably find out what it is in Berserk Chapter 372.

Berserk Chapter 372

But I think the reason is that Griffith wants to be even stronger. He has captured Casca because he knows Guts will come looking for him and push him to his limits again, which no other demon or entity has been able to do.

Let's also hope to see Guts in the next chapter and find out how he will step up to the challenge and save Casca by going to Falconia. These are just guesses, so don't put too much stock in them.

Berserk Chapter 371 Summary

In Berserk chapter 371, As Guts struggles with feelings of desolation following the failure of his sword, Schierke enters his mind and sees memories of his battles. Near the city's port, Mule meets up with Sonia and Irvine in Falconia.

Just as Sonia says Griffith has returned, Grunbeld and Locus appear out of nowhere. Zodd emerges from the branches, and their leader lands back home, holding Casca.

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Where to Read Berserk Chapter 372?

The only official way to read the new chapters of Berserk is to buy the latest volume of the series from Dark Horse Comics. Both the digital and physical editions of the volumes are available for purchase.

While a lot of bookstores that sell manga also sell the latest issues of Berserk, and if you can find one, you're lucky.


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