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Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date: Latest News and Updates on the Highly Anticipated Sequel!


Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date: Detective Pikachu, which came out in 2019, was a big hit. It was the first time that the popular Pokemon franchise was shown in real life.

Ryan Reynolds played the voice of Pikachu, a talking Pokemon who works with a young man named Tim (Justice Smith) to find his missing father and solve a mystery.

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People liked the movie because it was funny, had a lot of heart, and had beautiful special effects that brought hundreds of Pokemon to life.

Fans of the movie were excited to hear about a sequel, which was announced in January 2019—before the first movie even came out in theatres.

Since then, though, there hasn’t been much news about Detective Pikachu 2. Does the project still go on? Who is taking part? What will happen in the story? Here is what we know so far about the release date for Detective Pikachu 2 and more.

Is Detective Pikachu 2 Still in Development?

Detective Pikachu 2 is still “in active development” as of March 2023, according to a representative for the film’s studio, Legendary Entertainment. But they couldn’t say for sure who was working on it at the moment.

Detective Pikachu 2  Release Date

The Pokemon Company, which owns the rights to the franchise, wouldn’t say if it had anything to do with the movie or any other projects that may have come up since the first Detective Pikachu came out.

Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date!

Detective Pikachu 2 has not yet been given a set date for its release. Since the movie is still in the early stages of planning and hasn’t started filming yet, it’s likely that it will be at least two years before it comes out in theatres. There have been some rumours that Detective Pikachu.

Who will be in Detective Pikachu 2?

The people who will be in Detective Pikachu 2 haven’t been named yet. Some of the original actors could come back, like Justice Smith as Tim, Kathryn Newton as Lucy, and Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu/Harry. But none of them have said publicly that they are involved or that they are interested.

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In fact, in February 2021, Justice Smith said he didn’t know if he would be in Detective Pikachu 2. He said he would love to join, but fans shouldn’t “get their hopes up” because he didn’t think it would happen.

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Detective Pikachu 2  Release Date

Since Ryan Reynolds’s character Harry turned back into a human at the end of the first movie, he may have a smaller role in the second one. But since Pikachu is in the name of the movie, he will probably still be in it in some way.

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What Will Happen in Detective Pikachu 2?

At this point, nobody knows what happens in Detective Pikachu 2. At the end of the first movie, Tim and Harry got back together and decided to stay in Ryme City, where people and Pokemon live together in peace.

It also showed that the bad guy Howard Clifford was behind a plan to combine humans and Pokemon using a substance called “R” and a Mewtwo that had its genes changed.

Tim, Harry, and maybe even Lucy could get into more mysteries and adventures in the sequel as they work together as detectives.

It could also introduce new Pokemon characters and places from the games and anime series.  Detective Pikachu 2 could be about a lot of different things, but we won’t know for sure until more information comes out.

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