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Unveiling the Secrets of the Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene: What You Might Have Missed!


You watched the whole thing, so what’s the harm in staying to see more of Mario and his friends during the Post-Credits Scene?

Oh, how are you? I can see that you’re sitting in the credits for The Super Mario Bros. Movie with your phone out. You might be wondering if there are any extra scenes that are worth staying for. Well, I’m here to answer that question and more, so let’s go down the warp pipe and into the unknown.

Does the Super Mario Bros. Movie Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Short answer: yes. In fact, it has two. One happens while the credits are rolling, and the other right at the end. Let’s look at each scene separately.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene

And no, we’re not talking about Luma, who comes back at the end and talks about weird things like the meaning of life.

Still, the fact that Luma is in the movie gives us reason to hope for something bigger than an SMG. While they’re waiting in a field of power-ups, Peach does tell Mario that there are a lot of galaxies out there.

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What Will Happen to Bowser?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene

In the first scene, Bowser sings “Peaches,” a song he sang earlier in the movie. This is nice, because he was rudely stopped from singing it before, and now he can sing a few more lines about how he loves the princess but she doesn’t love him back.

It looks like Jack Black wrote Peaches himself! But it turns out that he is still small and in his bottle prison from the last battle. It’s not clear if the Mushroom Kingdom will just lock him up there, but at least he can sing to anyone who walks by.

There is a second teaser if you wait a little bit longer after that scene and while all the names are scrolling on the screen.

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Super Mario Bros. Teases a Very Special Yoshi

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene

Even though the Bowser scene is funny, the scene after the credits is the one that really matters. In it, we see a Yoshi egg in the Brooklyn sewers. This is because Mario and Bowser’s fight brought parts of the Mushroom Kingdom into the movie’s version of New York.

As the egg starts to break, the screen goes black and we hear the famous “Yoshi” cry of the baby dinosaur. Even though this egg probably belongs to the famous green Yoshi that has been with Mario in many games, this isn’t the first time the movie has talked about these dinosaur mounts.

In fact, there were a lot of them when Mario and Peach were on their way to the Jungle Kingdom to join Cranky Kong’s army.  So, if the movie takes the time to point out this particular egg, it probably means that it is hinting at a certain Yoshi who might play a bigger role in a possible sequel.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits Scene

The Super Mario Movie has gotten a pretty mixed response from people. People who have already seen the movie have said that it is too self-referential and that some of the actors don’t do a good job, while others have said that the animation is beautiful.

In the end, I’m not too surprised because I’ve always thought that Illumination’s work was not very good. But hey, at least we got to see Bowser singing while he was drunk. I like that!

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